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Friday, October 30, 2009


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He'd be an improvement over the light weights.

I think the scary point is the current dolts afraid of an honest and competent Mayor presiding over them.

My guess is that when it comes out how much cocaine Tonkin has consumed over the years, he might reconsider the idea. But that's only speculation...

Why would it Pete? Both Bush and Obama snorted and they both got elected President.
Times change.

Yes, Ron has baggage. But here is someone who's been in business a long time and knows what a balance sheet is. Knows how to meet a payroll. Already has made a name for himself and doesn't need any ego gratification. He's got the maturity and restraint not to go ga-ga over every new gismo that comes along and probably wouldn't tolerate Leonard's nonsense. Not sure if he'd win, but he could sure raise the right issues along the way and bring an awareness to how the current crop of retards have steered the city into the ditch.

A most excellent post. Wouldn't it be great to have a mayor show up at the community meeting in a Ferari instead of all sweaty from riding his bicycle.

What Pete? You mean to say you question Tonkin's past? Are you suggesting ethical behavior is a standard for the office of Mayor? That's something new. Besides, as Sam enlightened us earlier this year, the more you misbehave, the harder you work to be better. Right?

I can see it now. The the upcoming mayoral race after the recall will have candidates one-upping each other with their past indiscretions.

"Well, I screwed around more times than you, so I'll be working harder as mayor than you".

Or, "I've received larger kickbacks and favors than you, so my amends to the voters will be endless, vote for me."

One thing you can be SURE OF if Ron Tonkin became Mayor - the City Planners and BDS people would have a major change in attitude or find themsleves on the street. Tonkin was put through hell a few years ago by the City when he wanted to upgrade his 122nd Ave. Honda Dealership.

It might be kinda interesting to see someone lead the city who has been on the receiving end of much of the cities policies for the past many years. Maybe give a new perspective to the ramifications of the cities actions.

Having candidates that have been on the receiving end of city policies should be a criteria that voters seriously consider as making for a better public servant. There is not one on the present Council that has, from a business perspective experienced this trip.

Amanda has somewhat experienced it outside of being a government employee in her help in neighborhood politics and the creation of a neighborhood park.

But writing a check, getting a permit, experiencing the endless meetings, reviews, rejections, deciphering all the codes, policies and laws of government from the outside, as a homeowner to a business person is different than even she has experienced.

If you noticed, in the last mayoral election all the viable candidates worked in government except for Sho Dozono. That has become the norm for almost all electoral races in this state. It's time to ask the right questions, but I don't expect the media to do so.

I have the final scene in mind:

A medium shot reveals a somewhat professional couple in their 30s or so, thoughtfully considering purchasing the brand new vehicle (electric is fine) in front of them.

Husband to wife: "Well, what do you think, Dear?"

Wife responds: "It's everything we're looking for - and within our budget!"

Off screen we hear: "Hi folks! Can I help you? Want to take it out for a spin?"

Shot widens out to reveal man wearing familiar glasses with stylishly cropped hair, curiously tussled and sticking up in back, extending his hand in greeting. Shot continues to widen to reveal car lot with "Tonkin" sign prominently displayed.

(I guess what comes before this is still a work in progress.)

Would be nice to get someone in City Hall who understands business. I have a theory about Portland but it just might be a theory. Did you realize that the last great wave of corporate skyscrapers was started and/or completed during a Republican mayor (Frank Ivancie) term in office? The US Bancorp building (1983), the Koin Tower (1983), Pacwest Center (1984), etc.

This might just be a coincidence but I think otherwise. These towers all housed corporate offices (and jobs). All we have had under Sam and Vera is condos subsidized by the city by and large.

I'm just sayin'.

The question isn't just whether RT partook of drugs but whether any were being sold out of his dealerships in the 80s. As for Ivancie, I think there was more good than bad with that one. Cops behaved even worse when he was in office and got away with even more egregious behavior.

“One thing you can be SURE OF if Ron Tonkin became Mayor - the City Planners and BDS people would have a major change in attitude or find themselves on the street.”

Just that would be enough to get my vote.

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