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Monday, October 26, 2009

Blazer lineup shakeup

Nic Batum won't be starting. He won't even be playing. He's going to have shoulder surgery. Which means we get more Travis Outlaw, I guess.

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I feel bad for him. This is the coolest Blazer by far and it would have been great to see his progress.
After months of listening to the pundits whine about where all the minutes will come from, we are now in another situation. We're counting on Martell coming off a serious foot problem and Rudy still showing signs of a bad back after that horrible fall.
Still, it is a glorious time of year. We had an NFL game with the mighty Philadelphia Eagles Monday, the Blazers Tuesday and the World Series starting Wednesday. If you're a sports fan these are Holy Days.
Nic, we feel like merde about your injury. Get well soon. Wait, let me look that one up: Bon rétablissement.

Martell's feet, Rudy's back, Oden's whole body, now Batum's shoulder... time to light some candles and say some prayers to Our Lady of Magnetic Resonance.

Rather than more Trout, I expect to see Rudy playing a lot at small forward and then Bayless getting time alongside Miller in the back court. Rudy's not that big for a forward, but he'll give other forwards the fits on offense and he'll still get more rebounds than Trout.

I hope Batum recovers well rather than just quickly. He's a future star, but he's got plenty of time to develop.

Bayless? Please, God, no...

So tonight Oden played 26 minutes, scored just 2 points (in garbage time), got 12 big rebounds, 5 nice blocks, 5 fouls, 1 assist, 1 steal, and (my favorite) seven turnovers.

But it was a big success, cos that's what coach wanted him to do. And Joel fouled out, while Greg didn't.

I think he should get the so-so meter reading.

Five fouls in 26 minutes.

23 points for Travis O. - maybe he'll stun us all and have his big breakout season.

(I can dream, can't I?)

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