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Monday, October 5, 2009

About that "fuel surcharge" on your plane ticket

Just another lie from corporate America.

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I checked the website for Ryanair the other day -- they fly to a place I want to go from another place I can almost getvto. The one-way fare was GBP 0.99. The "fuel surcharge" was GBP 45. Two checked bags: GBP 50. Then there's the pay toilet fee and the web check-in fee. A socialist airline flies the route from a normal airport for $145, all in.

Wasn't it a year ago or so that TriMet raised its fares for the "increasing cost of fuel" and yet as fuel prices dropped - fares did not???

UPS is raising their "air" option fuel surcharge just under 40% for this month.

Seems to me they found a new way to raise prices without "raising" prices.

Give me a break. Peaks in demand around holidays are a characteristic of air service. They should be able to charge higher prices then, in order to ration demand. In fact most airlines already do this to some extent. To complain about it just seems petty. Perhaps this woman can take an earlier or later flight to avoid the onerous $10 charge.

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