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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2,500 miles and a world away

To me, the most interesting thing about this story is the difference it reveals between Ohio and Oregon.

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Painfully apparent.

Guy looks pretty good in drag.

liar liar, pants on fire...

I'm from Ohio. But I've lived in Oregon for 30 years. And I think I understand both reactions to this situation, and why they differ.

I prefer Oregon.

I just spent the past two weeks in Cleveland and it wasn't until I got back home and checked here did I hear about it. Only thing I heard about on the news in Cleveland was how long Mangini was going to last as coach.

East Cleveland isn't Cleveland, by the way. It's a different city, and a very small one at that with a whole separate charter, taxing jurisdiction, and its own City Council. Less than 30,000 people live there. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Cleveland,_Ohio

Also, I doubt many people in Cleveland care that much about the Mayor of East Cleveland. East Cleveland is often considered to be one of the most corrupt and dysfunctional cities in the Midwest. Worst foreclosure rate in Ohio; the place where a City Councilman stole, repackaged and resold government cheese for his own profit in the 1980s; and site of one of the worst race riots of the 1960s. The blight in East Cleveland makes most of Detroit look like Irvington. A cross dressing mayor is just a blip on the radar there, really. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2sUE8pm6Sw

East Cleveland's mayor is a much better dresser than Portland's mayor though.

I lived in Ohio for eight years. Four in Oberlin, four in Athens. Oberlin was a magical musical mystery tour. Athens was a Democratic oasis in a Republican sea, with the highest concentration of marijuana plants outside of HI or CA. At least the locals, some of whom were very colorful, thought so.

I did occasionally leave my charming Ohio villages, full of people that remind me of Portlanders, and got to see the cities, like Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinatti, all of which were more dreadful than the next. Grey and dreary and polluted and unimaginative, like the settings for an Orwell novel.

So, I've had a very long day, and as I muse over this post, I cannot fathom what people are talking about with regards to the differences between Ohio and Oregon.

Please explicate.

I cannot fathom what people are talking about with regards to the differences between Ohio and Oregon.

Short version: Ohio went for Bush / Cheney in 2000 and 2004. Oregon didn't.

Actually, the overall percentages I think were strikingly close, at least in 2004. If my memory serves me, Kerry only won by 2% in Oregon and Bush barely won Ohio, and that was because of Ohio's version of Katherine Harris, some Republican guy who refused to recount anything. I remember the moment well, sitting in the bathtub trying to calm down and not throw up. Anyway, yes, Ohio is somewhat more Republican than Oregon (but I would contend not a whole lot more), but I guess my question is- how does the video portray that?

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