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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What next? Fireworks on Mao's birthday?

Guess we have to keep those investors happy.

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I hope the film people in New York take revenge and have a Chinese dissident film festival ASAP.
Invite Gong Li to make introductory remarks while the audience swoons....

60 years, an estimated 60-million murders (according to Dr. Bronner, & academics say he's not far off), a nice symmetry, but hey, it's a different culture, and who are we to judge? Let's just pray that they get over their hyper-nationalism in the next decade (Confucianism? Christianity? Hedonism?) or it's 1941 all over again, with the other guy running the big economy. (And a new hegemon that makes the Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere long for the days of Yankee Imperialism.) Buy American, if you can!

Ambassador Wu who?

Some Tibetan protesters, some statements from NY congressmen:

Some Native American protesters, some statements from US congressmen:


The US can match China atrocity for atrocity the past 100-150 years--the only real difference is the body count.

In case you could not be there:

A lot less fun than Bastille Day in Besançon.

And, of course, the body count doesn't matter - jeez...

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