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Monday, September 28, 2009

What goes around gets lost

While in the unfamiliar wilds of Tigard today, I enlisted the help of the popular iPhone app AroundMe. It led me to a Burgerville that doesn't exist.

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If you're looking for restaurants, gas stations, bars or shops in a given area you might want to give the "Yelp" app a shot. It directed me to a few a great places during a road trip earlier this month.

Damn! And that was the last Burgerville for 24,337 miles.

I do have Yelp on my phone as well. Next time I'll start there.

Depending on where you were, there may have been a Burgerville a couple years ago.

I can't recall exactly what street it was on, but i ate there a couple times when I lived in Tigard.

Try looking for a Value Village - the next one is hundreds of miles away, according to Garmin. Yet, I know there's one just down the street.

The internet must be broken again. I thought it got fixed last week.

I use mobile Google Maps to help me when I am out and about - this is the dedicateed application, not the browser.

It has the ability to "locate" where I am using the cell tower info. once I am located, I simply type in what I am looking for in the search; shows map with search results.

Sorry, but not an iPhone, though; it is a Nokia smartphone.

That abandoned Wendy's is Tigard was supposed to be a Burgerville. They started work and then just stopped. Instead they have their stupid van driving around town overcharging for their burgers (funny how a van that pays no rent charges more than a regular land based rent paying restaurant.

"(funny how a van that pays no rent charges more than a regular land based rent paying restaurant.)"

There's probably a carbon footprint tax in the works, and they're just getting ready. If they rode bikes, it would definitely be cheaper!

I've had good luck with Vlingo for finding stuff.

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