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Monday, September 28, 2009

We're going broke -- SoWhat?

Even if Portland gave up on its doomed SoWhat District tomorrow, it would probably bankrupt the city government. But no, Sam the Tram is going to throw good money after bad. A whole bunch of good money. This is supposed to create jobs. But with nine figures of tax dollars already flushed down the SoWhat hole, the thousands of new biotech jobs that were promised several years ago have never shown up. And they aren't going to -- OHSU, the city's wonderful "partner" down there, literally sent them to Florida.

This is what happens when you put people in charge who can't even balance their personal checkbook.

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Did you see they are going to tear out the brand new streetcar tracks on Moody and raise them 14 feet? Very nice job, planners.

While you're at, drive by EBurnside/Couch between MLK and Sandy.

He's going ahead with the couplet anyways.

Can anyone provide an update on the October 13th foreclosure sale of our alleged mayor's properties:

Folks, I don't live in Portland anymore and can't sign a recall petition. But as a voter who swallowed the Sam Adams kool-aid, this is so painful to watch/read about. Please find a petition and sign it. Even if you have to stalk that Jason fellow to find one to sign.

Garage Wine, that was a great catch, but I honestly don't think they're going to pay for it. I suspect this is going to be another one of those deals where the contractor does it for free "for the exposure".

Well the eco-roof is a separate pot of money - they can't spend that on anything else. I forget if it's the green money or the yellow money - but don't try to spend it on one of those other services like roads - brown money; or police - blue money. Its complicated, I know, which is why all you simpleton taxpayers can't figure it out. Just another cross Sam & Randy must bear.

"This is what will produce livable communities," said Art Pearce, senior project manager in the city's transportation office.

Notice that local public servants think its part of their job to evangelize and "sell us" on things, even as we pay their salary?

Dumbfounded: "Did you see they are going to tear out the brand new streetcar tracks on Moody and raise them 14 feet? Very nice job, planners."

Plus, they'll no doubt have to put in a second set of temporary rails, while the new ones are being constructed.

Nothing to see here....

Begs a new street re-naming for Moody Avenue: "Moolah Freeway."

Here Comes The Flood - Peter Gabriel and Robert Fripp (Exposure 1979)

The Trolley built three years ago from River Place into SoWhat cost over $40 Million. The portion that is to be rebuilt cost over $12 Million. What's $12 Million when Art Pierce is producing "livable communities"?

The relocated trolley track Millions must be the new lynch pin that Art several times claimed was the Tram's purpose.

It's funny that Ryan Frank of the Oregonian doesn't recognize that the present trolley tracks is a newly built track that is now being rebuilt again. What Planning we enjoy here in Portland.

Coming soon (probably this weekend): the inevitable Oregonian editorial about what a great idea this project is and how we simply can't afford to pass up this "last best chance" to "jump start" SoWa development despite "understandable" public skepticism.

Does anyone else wonder if the dummies posing as journalists at the Oregonian simply re-write the press releases given to them by the developer crooks and the liars at City Hall? They all seem to have a similar slant that this project or that is somehow needed; even if the proponents have a hard time explaining why it has to be built other than lining their pockets with public cash.

Re-write? Why bother? Besides, they might get it "wrong."

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