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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday lunch in L.O.

I had a delightful lunch with a friend today in beautiful downtown Lake Oswego. There were some interesting sociological phenomena in progress. Fully half the drivers on the road down that way were holding cell phones to their ears with their cars in motion. Is that illegal yet? And as I walked into this place, I was stunned to see that every one of the 40 or so other patrons was a woman. I wanted to cue this one up. The whole thing was a little scary, to tell you the truth.

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Maybe it was a lesbian pastry bar...

After I got there, a few other guys showed up. But for a couple of minutes, there I was.

How much did you have to pay to park?

Did you have snails for lunch?

Perhaps residents of Villie Boyce in Wilsonville?

Parking is free. That's why there were 40 women there plus Jack. And another reason that downtown Portland is dying.

How many were not white?

The St. Honore in NW Portland appears to be the same customer demographic, based upon my own occasional unscientific sampling.

A FWIW, one of the reviews says European style cafe with prices to match. For the record, that's not at all true; St. Honore is about 3X the prices I've seen in Paris.

Cell phone ban is Jan 1. Legislature didn't declare it an "emergency."

And I was thinking of moving there to stay a couple of towns ahead of the baseball fiasco.

Manzana used to have a pretty good happy hour there. Went there a lot last summer.A table right by the water was easy to get. Have not been back since ownership change so can't say for sure if it is still top notch...

Parking is free.

And plentiful.

L.O. is a trip. I meet a friend there for lunch on a regular basis. It's great rich people watching place. Just don't swim in the lake which smells like swamp.

The Sapphire on Hawthorne is quite similar. It's one of my favorite places, and if you go at happy hour, be prepared for a huge difference in gender makeup, favoring the fair sex. All the service people are women( I did see a couple of men in the kitchen, and once tending bar).

I like it. What's so damn scary about it???

You'll understand when you're my age.

Suddenly I have a craving for French pastries.

I dunno, Jack. I'm well past retirement, so I guess it must be a young mans' problem!

Maybe I'll understand when I'm your age.

It helps.

Actually, the women lose their fear of you!

Mixed blessing.....

I hear pastry parlors are a favorite haunt of cougars on the prowl.

Face it, real men don't eat baquettes.

"I like it. What's so damn scary about it???"

No parking and not so good food. Myabe next date when I ride my bike.

St Honore is ***** expensive, but they do make good bread.

Jack crashed the "ladies who lunch" party.


Some comments from a Lake Oswego resident:

1. There are a lot of ladies in Lake Oswego whose husbands make enough money so that they don't have to work themselves. A lot of them go to St. Honore's to meet and eat.

2. St. Honore's may be expensive by bakery standards, but it's cheap compared to other restaurants in the immediate vicinity. And, IMHO, it's very good food. The owner of the two bakeries has apparently won some French baker's award in the past for his bread.

3. The City of L.O. has spent an awful lot of money over the years on redevelopment of their downtown area, not without controversy. It's a lot nicer than it used to be, but I don't know if it really has been worth it or not.

4. You can't swim in the lake even if you wanted to - it's private. If your kids go wading into the water by the fountain it's likely the Lake Corporation coppers in their boat will come and roust them out. Some of the lake snobs were even mad about the nice lakeside pathway that runs about 1/4 mile west from the fountain and State Street, because it impinged on "their" lake.

"Lake Snobs"

Well just take comfort that they are still paying and paying not only for their overpriced real estate and sky-high property taxes and association dues but also big bucks to solve that horrendous algae problem in their little lake.

Maybe this is the favorite hangout for those women who blog about their dating exploits in Portland.

Jack Bog:"Parking is free.

And plentiful."

ws:That parking garage in downtown is owned by Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency (LORA) which is a public entity. The commerical spaces are private, however. I'm pretty certain it received urban renewal/public assistance for land acquisition, design, and development to construct that "free" parking garage.

Therefore, downtown LO (parking garage) is not really "free", even though I believe it is free parking for 3 hrs or so (not sure on this).

It's funny, people think using TIF to recreate a dilapidated neighborhood w/ condos is bad, but using TIF to construct "free" parking is good?

I'm confused, really. (And no, I do not disagree with the parking garage/development, LO did a great job of development with the retail in front of the parking garage. Well done project, btw).

It was free to me.

I live on a different planet from you folks.

Lake Oswego is strange. At least it was to me.

"Therefore, downtown LO (parking garage) is not really "free""

Heck, then any parking on a paved street is not free by that definition.

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