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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Portland Convention Center hotel is dead (more or less)

That's what they're saying. But like all bad Portland ideas that benefit a few rich guys, can it ever be truly, permanently dead? These things have a way of resurfacing. Put it on the list with another runway at the airport, after the Port takes over the Colwood Golf Course out there. I'm sure Fireman Randy's still hoping to build Little Lord Paulson a baseball stadium, too -- you watch, after Beaverton comes to its senses and walks.

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Well, if a baseball park replaced that squat black box on the waterfront then count me in. I am good for $17.48 toward the cause.

"The trio made their decision in a private meeting."

Is this what my parents meant by don't talk to strangers?

You would think they are getting the message, with the Hilton closing...and it will be closing. They will keep the new one open and shut down the old girl on Broadway.

Didn't the city condemn a bunch of land and displace several businesses to clear the way for that boondoggle? I remember one hotel owner in that area that especially got the shaft. Will anyone have any recourse?

The Trib states the city may now "contribute" the land to a private developer. Translation: The city will now give away the land to one of Sam or Randy's pals.
The net effect will be seizing land from private individuals and redistributing it to other private companies.

I'm not so sure the bunch of bad ideas which seem to never die is going to receive so much resurrection rah-rah-rah from now on.

Stickel retired.

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