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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 'dogs are on the track

Here we go again -- time for me to make some money, and for readers to help me while proving how smart they are. Once again I am participating in a pro football Underdog Pool, the object of which is to pick one NFL team every week that's going to win its game outright despite the oddsmakers' predictions that it's going to lose.

Here's is this week's lineup. The underdogs are in caps. To the left are the number of points that they are favored to lose their respective games by. But in order to win, I have to pick a team that's going to win outright -- not just beat the spread. On the other hand, the points are not irrelevant, in that if my pick wins, I get the number of points shown for that game. The player with the most points accumulated by the end of the playoffs wins the pool.

13.5 DETROIT at New Orleans
11 KANSAS CITY at Baltimore
10.5 BUFFALO at New England
9.5 OAKLAND vs. San Diego
7.5 ST. LOUIS at Seattle
7 JACKSONVILLE at Indianapolis
6.5 SAN FRANCISCO at Arizona
6.5 WASHINGTON at NY Giants
6 TAMPA BAY vs. Dallas
6 TENNESSEE at Pittsburgh (Thursday)
5 NY JETS at Houston
4.5 CLEVELAND vs. Minnesota
4 CHICAGO at Green Bay
4 MIAMI at Atlanta
4 DENVER at Cincinnati
2 CAROLINA vs. Philadelphia

Especially in the first couple of weeks of the season, anything can happen. That being the case, the Lions actually don't look that bad. San Diego tends to get the chokies, and so could the Raiders pull it off? The Browns are going to win some games this year -- will they prevail at home in Week 1? All good fodder for some conversation over the next few days. But if you think the Titans will beat the Steelers, you've only got a day or two to speak up, as they play on Thursday.

Last year I took third place in the pool, which means I won some dough. Readers who helped me get there won... well, my undying gratitude. This year, let's hope we take it all, in which case I'll really love you.

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Explanations of one's picks are encouraged.

Not a lot of good choices here, but I'll venture a guess of Dallas losing on the road to Tampa Bay. Traveling east is frequently hard on teams, and it'll be a home game for Tampa. Dallas is a suspect team, and Tampa's problems tend to come on late-season, not early season. I'm giving it a less than 50-50 chance, but I REALLY don't like any of the other choices this week. Wouldn't be surprised if there are no upsets this week.


If Jets and Sanchez can beat Giants, then the Houston Texans are a cakewalk. I don't even understand why the Jets are underdogs.


Jay Cutler has a lot more to prove and the Bears would love to make a first game statement to that division.

And I got a hunch the Titans are going to beat the Steelers.

One more thing... about the Jets...


Who will be the QB for the Texans anyway?

"This year, let's hope we take it all, in which case I'll really love you."

Jack, there's something a little bit creepy about the way you italicized "really" in that sentence. Kind of the same way that Bryan Adams' song "Have You Ever -Really- Loved a Woman" gives me the heebie-jeebies. Or makes me feel confused and inadequate.

Not to mention Neil Young's "When You Dance I Can Really Love"...

Does Neil Young italicize "really" in his title? Because Bryan Adams did. Ewww. Creepy.

Take the Jets. Besides, after last year's abuse of the Terrible Towel* by some of the Titans**, the Steelers are going to rip 'em up at home. No mercy.

* Terrible Towel Creator Donates All to Disabled
Former Steelers' Announcer Myron Cope Turns Symbol of Pride Into Hope for Disabled

**Lendale vows to stomp on a towel

Ewww. Creepy.

The word "love" has many connotations, some of which accommodate, without creepiness, the concept of degrees. The ancient Greeks had far more words for "love." If you and I were in the Athenian agorá in Socrates's time, I could say this in a better way.

If you are going for the big points up front, I like the RAMS to upset Seattle (new-coach-itis). Or SAN FRAN over Arizona (I know, I know...)
Safer bet: I think your gut is right on CLEVELAND (Who wants to lose to Brett Favre?)

I would wait on picking Chicago until you get a chance to see how their injured secondary performs against a team with top receivers (like the Packers).

I would go with the Broncos or the Jets.

SF will make the spread.

I agree with the Jets. Ryan has got their defense fired up and ready to play, and the offense is competent. Houston is a fashionable pick to make the playoffs, but I think they lose this game.

It would be interesting to know what the total points are that put you in the money and win the thing outright.

That said, if 6 points is worth it, I'd be picking Tampa Bay for sure.

Sorry for no explanation, I was getting sick and wanted to get my pick in just in case I ended up with the piggy flu and died.

Jets 24 Texans 7..... Not a surprise. Just what I would have expected. Hope you took this one, Jack.

We will see about the later game.

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