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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spare change?

Except for our annual holiday charity fund drive, we don't ask readers for donations to this blog. But we are tempted to take up a collection to buy Mayor Creepy and Fireman Randy each a subscription to this. As a reader explained, "Let Sam and his cronies play with a city here instead. They can do all the crazy crap they want."

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Speaking as an active city-sim-type myself, I'd say get them SimCity 4 instead. I tried the demo for Cities XL, and to be blunt, thought it was horrible and glitchy. Wouldn't even wish it on Mayor Creepy, it's that bad.

You can pick up a copy of SimCity 4 for $15-20 at Fred Meyer or Target, and while it may be almost 7 years old, there's no better city sim on the market, especially with all the free, high-quality custom content and mods out there (including Portland buildings).

I think this mod would be right up Sam and Randy's alley, too. There's no Aerial Tram (*Rimshot*) Addon Mod developed yet, though.

Darn, link fail.

The aforementioned mod:

Where in SimCity 4 a player decides basic zoning and lets the market take care of the rest, Cities XL (developed in France) goes a step further and dictates where various social classes live and work.

Im willing to bet Sam and Randy already have lifetime subscriptions.

Wouldn't it be interesting if we used something like this as a test prior to an election. You know, make all candidates run a fictional city for 6 months prior to the election so that we can see just how bad they are going to screw things up BEFORE we vote for them.

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