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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SoWhat goes underground

The City of Portland is asking the feds for $44 million for road projects relating to the SoWhat District and close-in southeast. They're still pitching the nonexistent biotech angle. One of the features of the SoWhat side of things sure sounds peculiar:

Moody Avenue will include three traffic lanes, dual streetcar tracks and pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The roadway will be elevated with an additional 14 feet of fill, allowing redevelopers of adjacent brownfields to offer "tuck under parking" without disturbing capped contaminated areas.
Sounds great. The perfect place for health science! And no doubt, it will look good, too.

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....so people can get to jobs they don't have and live in houses they don't own.

The above paragraph leaves out several other reasons for the SW Moody relocation.

One, the elevations needed for the future Milwaukie Light Rail to ascend to the new bridge from the west side requires a minimum of 14 ft of grade fill to make the grade to the bridge function.

Secondly, OHSU which affronts most of SW Moody in the north portion of SoWhat wants to relocate the already improved SW Moody to the west to give their "campus" an additional 100 ft of land for over 1200 lineal ft. This is quite a land grab at the taxpayer's expense.

And having the 14 ft of fill certainly helps OHSU and Zidells with an additional two levels of potential underground parking about the toxic site and partially above the flood plain-again at taxpayer expense.

Then the crowning jewel is that OHSU gets ONE dollar of every TWO dollars lobbied from the federal government to put into their own coffers per the SoWhat Agreement.

What a deal! How many times are the taxpayers going to be had in SoWhat and elsewhere?

That Moody St. -- always so easily affronted.

Putting in 14 feet of fill in this area (scroll down to bottom map)? If that's allowed, I suppose it won't be long before some critical infrastructure gets built on top of it. And we know how that sort of thing works out in a major earthquake.

Memory helps.

SoWa Moody street money was paid to OHSU during the soaring Tram cost "negotiations" when creepy was trying to cover up the growing public portion.
City scoundrels, led by Creepy, came up with a way to hand cash over to OHSU for cooperation.

They money laundered general fund money to OHSU.

#3.5 million in borrowed TIF-Urban Renewal dollars was taken from the SoWa/Moody Street improvements line item and paid to OHSU. Justified and obscured with the creative exchange for 100 parking spaces in some hypothetic future building OHSU would be building.
Soon after PDOT diverted $3 million from their general fund (which has no limits-think pot holes that Creepy says Urban Renewal can't be used for) back into the SoWa/Moody Street line where it ????
ended up somewhere?
And as for that OHSU building and 100 parking spaces the city bought?
OHSU has defaulted on the deal. But the've had the $3.5 million since April 2005.

That's when the Tam cost negotiations were carried out.

At the same time Homer Willaims was paid $6.3 million for 100 parking spaces in Strand already under construction.

Amazing what cooperation millions of dollars buys.

Now back to your regular sceduled programing.

One, the elevations needed for the future Milwaukie Light Rail to ascend to the new bridge from the west side requires a minimum of 14 ft of grade fill to make the grade to the bridge function.

So what's the steepest incline the MAX can ascend? The inability of the porky trolley cars to climb hills was one reason for the ($$$$) Robertson tunnel being built under the zoo. I love 19th century rail technology.

Is there any reason this $44 million couldn't go towards the Sellwood Bridge?

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