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Friday, September 4, 2009

Plan C for Paulson

Maybe Clackamas County for the Portland Beavers. Gosh, two communities that he can play off each other -- LLP's so happy that this morning he jauntily skimmed a krugerrand across the surface of Oswego Lake.

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"Clackamas County: Come for the meth, stay for the baseball."

"Clackamas County is a perfect fit!" --- Limited Liability Paulson, September 4

Dear God No! Not our beloved Clackistan! Commuting on 205 is sufficiently arduous without the dreaded Public Development. No Sports Please... Watching Beaverton and Portland toss the Beavers too and fro is entertaining. Contemplating a foul ball into the great unwashed East Side is strikes too close to home.

Krugerrand - my favorite currency, too.

I thought it was "Crackamas" not "Clackistan"

I think it's Crackamyass.

We prefer Clackatucky or Clackabama.
Yakistan is the only "stan" in the PNW.

I've been hearing Clackyera$$ for years. Nice solution.... get it back near Lents and then have PDX annex it and tag it Lents and the feds pay. And yeah my tongue is firmly in my cheek.

Sorry dg.... it's Vantucky... they own it...

This would have been a whole lot easier if Dan Saltzman would have stayed bought.

Clackabama. Perfect. That is just the pseudonym I was looking for. Thanks.
Anyway, why not put it out there? Isn't there tons of empty big-box and vacant old theaters lying around getting tagged and squatted on/in. This could only help that distressed area. (disclaimer, I don't pay taxes in Clackamas County)

...Yeah but do they have the scratch create a cushy executive job for the Don?

Gee, I moved out of Portland when I saw the writing on the wall for the city's budget with FPDR making first call on property taxes, and URAs running wild. Then when Multnomah County instituted an income tax, I moved to unincorporated Clackamas County south of Milwaukie. Just for grins, I compared demographic data from where I lived in Laurelhurst:


with where I live now:


Doesn't look so bad to me. (Although I really, really miss elected officials that feel compelled to tell me how to live.)

With apologies to Max Shulman, Paulson is the personification of barefoot boy with cheek.

His heart must skipping a beat at the thought of a bunch of Beaverites and Clackarats fighting over the opportunity to gut their city/county budgets and invest in a frivolous and discretionary project.

Sort of like voluntarily swallowing a tapeworm.

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