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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Peaceful coexistence

Two of the stories that the Paulson family have repeatedly told in their sales pitch for an expensive remodel of Portland's PGE Park for "major league" (by U.S. standards) soccer are: (1) the league requires that the facility not be shared with baseball, and (2) the rousing success of the Seattle franchise is shining proof that "major league" soccer will be a big hit in Portland.

That's their story and they're sticking to it, but I'm watching the Seattle team on television right now, and they're playing on a field in Massachusetts that's also striped for American football. It looks like heck on the screen, but it proves that field-sharing is not a complete taboo, and that the fans of successful teams in the "major" league are comfortable enough with it.

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Soccer sucks - that's the bottom line. Minor league baseball is really boring. Soccer - whatever brand - is even more boring than baseball. Let's get an NFL team. That would be something worth hawking the family jewels for.

It's funny how people in Portland will tell you that truly major league sports like baseball or American football could never make it here. But if you propose blowing eight figures on marginal teams, they can't seem to get their wallets out fast enough.

Portland had a shot at major league baseball, and Tom Potter killed it. There may be another chance some day, but it will have to be long after the Sam-Rand twins are out of power. The only deals they know how to close are bad ones.

Whose wallets? That's the issue - Make them get their own wallets out, not mine, thank you.

Giving taxpayer money to any professional sports franchise so they will stay/locate in your communtiy, is a waste.

For what it's worth, PSU Football is not being tossed from PGE to my knowledge, so maybe it's just baseball they have a problem with.

I love soccer and I completely agree with Morbius.

It is also interesting that some taxpayers/teams/municipalities are spending a Billion dollars or more on an Arena that contains roughly 1% of the viewing audience for that game.

The last time I checked, the Sounders FC team plays at Qwest Field...

Yes, that stadium, the one used for NFL Seahawks football games.

On the same field.


This Sounders FC Fan Guide is designed to ensure that your experience at Qwest Field is enjoyable and convenient. It contains a display of stadium maps of the various levels of the facility, including restrooms, first aid stations, elevator access, stairs and more.

In addition to Sounders FC, Qwest Field hosts other exciting events year round including Seattle Seahawks football, music concerts, trade shows and collegiate football. Contact the “Events Hotline” at (206) 381-7500 for details on upcoming attractions or visit www.Qwestfield.com.

Eric, Eric, now there you go confusing an issue that LLP has tried to make perfectly clear for all of us to understand (his way of course). Facts are such a bother when there is an agenda at play.

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