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Monday, September 7, 2009

Not my idea

I give nasty nicknames to public figures and corporations from time to time, but let it be noted for the record that I was not the first one to refer to Whole Foods as "A-Hole Foods."

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Problem is, Margaret Thatcher is correct.

Good chance inflation might make those prices real.

The good thing about America is it's free speech. The bad thing about America is it's free speech. It's too bad when someone's idea ticks other folks off SOOOO much that they feel a boycott is necessary. It's especially bad in this case (in my opinion) because at least the guy had some ideas. He didn't just sit and complain, he came up with some alternatives. However, because it didn't jive with the pablum that the liberals are pandering, they call for a boycott. Sad, truly sad, but again, thank God for free speech.

Guys like Mackey need to understand that many people who patronize his stores pretty much hate him already. That parody ad was done before his latest political rant got him into trouble. Some people resent the gouging, others the pretentiousness -- not to mention his scuzzy personal behavior on the internet. You add in the right-wing crusades and, well, there's going to be a backlash at some point. If it weren't the only grocery store within walking distance from my house, I wouldn't set foot in an A-Ho... er, Whole Foods.

Add a mention of the "so arrogant and snotty that even Borders wouldn't hire them" assistant managers, and this is gold.

Glad I'm not participating in the boycott, or I would have missed out on those tasty (albeit expensive) sturgeon fillets I through on the grill last night.

We always call it Whole Paycheck.

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