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Monday, September 28, 2009

Local Enron perp heads for prison

As I recall, this was one of John Kroger's cases.

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Good. I had plenty of dealings with Enron when the company was partnered with Blockbuster Video, allegedly to offer broadband delivery of movies and television to select subscribers. It was the usual Enron "partnership," where the partner was expected to cover all of the costs while Enron hogged the glory, and the partner was expected to pay the expenses when gosh golly gee whiz it just wasn't going to be profitable enough to waste Enron's time. In the process, a lot of Dallas people got screwed.

I particularly remember a decade ago this month, when I received a call at work concerning my resume: an Enron exec wanted to see me about a technical writing position (the idiot recruiter passed on my "only in an absolute fiery inferno emergency" number as my contact number), and he wanted me to interview that day. Actually, he expected me to be in his office in 20 minutes, when I was at least 30 minutes outside of downtown Dallas, and he threw a literal temper tantrum when I told him I couldn't do this with such short notice. Oh, the blustering and screaming about how I was throwing away a great opportunity and how he'd make sure I was never considered for any future positions with the company after the scheme succeeded. I've dodged a lot of career bullets in my life, but I really dodged one when I told him "Whatever" and hung up. (Naturally, he had to call me again to tell me how unprofessional I was for hanging up on him, and then he tried to hang up on me.)

We need reminders like this that, in spite of their initial disclaimers, some elements of PGE were very much involved in the Enron misdeeds.

Just 16 months? Big flip. Meanwhile, unsuccessful attempted purse snatching gets a 20 y.o. addict 80 years in WV. And tree-hugging is terrorism nowadays. F the corporate shield. Corporations are not persons. F legal fictions, their authors, and their defenders. 16 months? Pathetic.

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