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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lloyd Center sale -- everything must go

The whole mall, that is. (Flak jackets sold separately.)

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Hmm. There's a good site for a stadium...

Why is the Lloyd Center/Convention Center/Rose Quarter district not a flowering success attracting all sort of private development?

It has every advantage planners could dream up.

Good time to sell before Kitzhaber takes over as governor, and drags the state economy even more into the abyss after eight years of Kookingowki and eight years of himself previous to that. Good time to get out of state for everybody except'n maybe wolves and dead trees. Worker bees need to go find another hive. This one is badly infected.

There's an article in today's Oregonian about the status of the Convention Center Hotel project. It sounds like the county partners are not as excited about it as Mayor Creepy.

I still don't understand why the existing hotels that could provide 600 hotel rooms are not receiving some kind of incentive to work with the convention center rather than building a multi-million dollar convention center hotel. What's the difference?

There's simply no market for conventions at the moment when there are so many other places to go that already have facilities in place. And those places have seen a drop in convention business.

Enlarging the convention center didn't bring in more conventions. What makes anybody think that the only reason it didn't happen was a lack of a new convention hotel? How about that we're not an easily accessible destination accessible by direct airline flights?

How much did they pay for the hotel? Anybody know?


The Glimsher sale was just for the ~1.4M square feet of mall - no hotel was involved.as I know.

Sorry - as far as I know.

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