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Monday, September 28, 2009

Literature news

A new book about Portland has just been released.

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Tom Tomorrow must live in Portland - he nails it, especially the fawning local media.

You really think we're the only town with problems like that?

(A question for Morbius, not so much for the Blogmeister.)


I do think the PDX media (with some exceptions - WW & the Trib) are less interested in acting as a check on the crooked pols than those in some cities - we're not alone, but we have it worse than many.

I'd say bojack.org often has more thought-provoking content than the Oregonian or WW, barring the occasional meaningful investigative piece. The O has turned in a news aggregator rather than originator; the WW is mostly an opinion rag filled with pop culture filler.

The Tribune initially was doing a better job than both of those, but the vicissitudes of the newspaper business have stripped it down too much. Investigative journalism is hard, costs money, and can't be done consistently with Google, an attitude and a blog.

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