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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just do it

Just bring the protesters to your front lawn, that is.

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Vick should be allowed to redeem himself. Self-righteous zealotry misses the point on this one. I'd like to see half the glib gabbers walk the past two years in his shoes. There's a lot to learn. Life is an adventure. Sometimes a misadventure. Too often, from a bad starting point. Syncophants and enablers be damned. That's you: ADs, NCAA stuffed suits, and pro sports pimps.

I'm not sure that redemption requires a Nike endorsement.

"I'm not sure that redemption requires a Nike endorsement."

...or NFL reinstatement for that matter.

or NFL reinstatement for that matter.

No doubt...first he is convicted of running a dog-fighting ring, then he steals money from his corporation's retirement plan to pay his fines. That just screams "lucrative endorsement deal" doesn't it? Its almost like he's being treated like a congressman or something...

Upon close inspection, Vick's enablers and old athletic shoes have something in common.

Late breaking news:

Nike denies endorsement deal.

It turns out they just gave Vick some clothes. LOL!!!

Next time you see a bum downtown wearing the Nike swoosh, get verification that in fact the bum does have a true endorsement deal, because, like Vick, he might just be nothing more than a bum with free Nike gear.

Someday questions about the activities of Nike's federal Political Action Committee and years of massive donations to politicians on both sides of the isle (and related policy changes) will be in the news. Until then, we will have this doggone debate.

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