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Monday, September 14, 2009

Jerk of the Year

I recently checked out a Kanye West CD from the public library. It was one of the most juvenile things I've ever subjected myself to. There were 21 tracks on it, including some inane "skits," and my music player log shows I ejected it after track 9. The critics have said good things about this guy, but I'm just not hearing it. They can have his overrated self.

Then he goes and does something this stupid, and well, I guess I go from not giving a darn to what the kids call a "hater." Even if he were a great artist, he shouldn't have done that.

And he isn't.

Now Leno gets to have him on his debut prime time show. Just what The Chin needs.

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I never have liked his "music", but I thought he was nuts years ago, after the racist comments he made following hurricane Katrina.

The classless jerk could not have done it to a more liked young lady.

What a stupid fool.

I saw a comment thread on one of the major video sites and he's getting thoroughly trashed as no ever has.

"Just what the Chin needs"? Maybe not but I bet the other TV talk show hosts out there are shaking their heads in amazement at the good fortune here - as irritating and obnoxious as Kanye was. You have to wonder how the new show will handle it and that curiosity could bring in viewers. My guess is that the monologue will work Kanye over pretty good. And it will go on for days. Maybe months.

Before this is over, that incident will probably be the defining moment of Kanye's career. People will be given a handheld microphone just so the Kanye West look-alike they hire later can come out and take it from them. This could be a ratings bonanza on the first night and a reoccurring theme from then on. Who do you offend going after Kanye on this? Even his most ardent fans have to be unimpressed with that move.

Remember, the entire ratings battle with Dave changed with a single appearance by Hugh Grant that just happened to fall right after Hugh got busted for paying a prostitute for oral sex in a parked car.
That led to a ratings spike that "the Chin" never relinquished.
It also led to a comedic feast. One joke I remember hearing was, "Uh oh. Another movie star is in trouble. You know Keiko the Killer Whale? They caught him in a car with a blowfish."

Something tells me if Kanye shows up, it'll make for interesting television. I'm also interested to hear if Jerry Seinfeld reacts to the situation. If they booked Kanye after the incident that could be a PR debacle, but the fact that he was already scheduled to appear and he's one of the big entertainment/news stories right now? As the younger demographics would say, "It's all good." All the promos in the world can't buy this kind of publicity.

I'm also guessing that they are currently begging Taylor Swift to come on and do something crazy in return. Just a hunch.

I know exactly how this interview is going to go. Bill Hicks did a great job of describing it sixteen years ago. "Sure hope he changes clips!"

This whole thing has the aroma of a staged event, something that has happened before on this show.

Bill's point is very well-taken. I wonder if Jay's first question will be the same one that got such a big audience response when he asked it of Hugh Grant: "What were you THINKING?"

Maybe Jay's first words will be "SHUT YO mouth!"...then three Jay chuckles.

If Leno wants some top ratings, how about have someone come out of the audience and slap the sunglasses right of the little thug's face.

Well some people can never have enough fame... there are other jerks out there... and MJ and Kanye are two of a kind...


RANZ- 'Thug' and 'Kanye' have never been used in the same sentence. The guy talks about fashion more than most women.

Good lord, do you assume every rapper is a thug? Please stop talking and go back to your REO Speedwagon.

Anyone that pulls a microphone away from a 17 year old who is receiving an award is, by definition, a thug (and a jerk).

TKrueg. Kanye is a THUG. There - both name and term have been used in the same sentence. And yes, all rappers are either genuine thugs, or wannabe thugs. So suck it.

And I was listening to Boston, not REO Speedwagon. (although they did have a couple catchy tunes)

...Looks like a thug, sounds like a thug, must be a thug, albeit a disturbingly fashion-conscious thug.

RANZ: On what sociological evaluation tool have you concluded that all rappers are thugs?

Thug: per dictionary.com

1. a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.
2. (sometimes initial capital letter) one of a former group of professional robbers and murderers in India who strangled their victims.

so maybe you should put down the Boston (are they thugs because they share a genre with the horribly sexist hair bands of the 80's? that came later) and maybe expand your rap horizons past the latest rant-worthy act on O'Reilly.

Kanye? Thug? sweetie, your -isms are showing. Kanye is more a "diva", with an overexaggerated sense of importance. I guess Common and Chuck D are thugs, by RANZ's yardstick. I always get curious about people who label any black music professional since Hendrix, a rapper. The other side of your "thug" coin? They do all look alike.

What an argument -- whether a chump is a thug or not. I am sure one could dig out some of Kanye's lyrics that show him to be a thug, but it would be like scouring out a Port-a-Potty by hand.

you can be a *gasp* rapper without being a thug, just like you can be an a**hole, without being a thug. RUN-DMC, Whodini, DeLa Soul and all the ancient rap acts I listened to could hardly be called thugs.

Kayne was an overindulged middle class kid who makes music (??)for other overindulged middle class kids. Chuck D or Lil' Wayne (opposite ends of the rap genre) he ain't. As the parent of a teen and a former teen myself, I have heard "thuggish" music and Kanye is not it. GG Allin, anyone?

I don't know why the thug stereotype is so hard to let go of. Kanye is an a**hole who spouts like old faithful about all kinds of people. Google him. I hate that he took away from the MJ tribute at the VMA's but I'm old.

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