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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's over and done

It's been a wild day, full of real-life adventures and not allowing much time for the news of the day. But we see that the Biggi family has told the City of Beaverton that if the city wants their land for the Paulson family's new baseball stadium, the city will have to condemn it. A negotiated sale is off the table.

Do you pronounce "Biggi" like "Bee Gee"? I may play some Bee Gees music tonight in the family's honor.

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If I had to type out the way it's pronounced I would put it as more like "Bee-zhee" then "Bee-gee".

Then I'll listen to "Zhive Talkin'."

Your guess on the pronunciation is correct, Jack.

It's bee-jee! Gino was a couple of years ahead of me at Beaverton. And one can't miss HEARING him every year of our school reunion.

Now how do you pronounce "inevitable eminent domain lawsuit?" This will be a fun one to watch.

If Beaverton does condemnation nobody should ever do business with the city again.

Thanks, Biggi family. Your stance is more than the money. And condemnation is a long shot because of the political fallout. It's about time someone inside or outside of politics had some principals.

Don't count Little Lord Paulson out on this. I fully expect Beaverton to condemn the property and then conveniently give the property to Paulson. That plan worked awfully well for George W. Bush when it came time to steal land for the Texas Rangers's new stadium.

The eminent domain practice used by government officials should only be used for emergencies. Not for private monetary gain. People of Beaverton resist the urge of these thieves and find a willing seller or city property. Better yet just throw the bums out of town.

Condemnors (taxpayers) beware (Paulson & Mazziotti, FU):

Eminent domain battleground still bare

Associated Press (NEW LONDON, CT) -- Weeds, glass, bricks, pieces of pipe and shingle splinters have replaced the knot of aging homes at the site of the nation's most notorious eminent domain project.

But what of the promised residential housing, office buildings, shops and hotel/conference center facility that were supposed to come wrapped and ribboned with up to 3,169 new jobs and $1.2 million a year in tax revenues?

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