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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's a small world after all

Former Portland Development Commission boss Don "The Don" Mazziotti -- one of the original Goldschmidt Network -- is a finalist to head the community development department in Beaverton. This at the same time that Mazziotti's very recent client, Lord Paulson III, is arm-twisting the elected officials of that lovely 'burb to build him a new minor league baseball stadium.

The Network's official newspaper, The Oregonian, reports eagerly tonight that Paulson is no longer Mazziotti's client: "Mazziotti has not been working for Paulson as Paulson considers moving the Triple-A baseball team to Beaverton." That would be nice if it were true, but as late as July 22, The Don was identified in that very newspaper as Paulson's development consultant involved in the Beaverton talks:

"There are other communities interested in accommodating a stadium facility, so I think we're very early in the process," Don Mazziotti, Paulson's development consultant, said Wednesday. "The Beaverton discussions are certainly promising."...

Mazziotti said he plans to visit Beaverton on Friday [July 24] to review possible locations for a 6,500- to 8,000-seat baseball stadium. So far, the only area being mentioned by city officials is the former Westgate Theatre site, next to the Round.

It's sad that the remaining handful of reporters at the O don't even read their own stuff any more. The same reporter wrote both stories.

In any event, maybe The Don can get the city job in time to ram home a sweet deal for His Lordship. Neil would be so proud. And if The Don doesn't get the gig, we'll see how long he stays out of Paulson's stable.

Comments (15)

If he doesn't get the gig, well then Paulson wouldn't have much more use for him either, would he?

It's not clear what has happened between LLP and The Don. The Lents deal did not go well. Perhaps we should not speculate.

OK. I've always thought Beavertron was a joke of a sluburb but giving the Don this position is some punch line. A real groaner, in fact.

Jack....another excellent job but I am surprised how coy you were "outing" the Big O reporter who seems to forget the facts of his earlier stories.

Brad Schmidt, please pick up a white courtesy phone.

Come on ha-ha, these guys are journalist, not reporters. They moved up in the world. Someone else needs to do the leg work.

What about this one: "Steven Sparks, who has served as Beaverton's interim director since 2007"?

Mr. Schmidt, you are a disgrace or an idiot or both. Resign your position please

And take your editors with you.

The daily newsprint version of the Oregonian will be gone within 10 years. Good riddance. Have you actually picked up and read that garbage lately? Total joke. And their Web site is atrocious.

I get more local news from THIS site than from the O and its "dog bites man" BS.

These guys can never get a job in the real world, so what choice does he have besides finding smaller minds in govt to employ him?

The daily newsprint version of the Oregonian will be gone within 10 years.

That's being very generous.

Yeah, the fix is already in. I'm certain that Don went to Mayor Doyle and said hey, I'll get you the stadium but I'm gonna need a high-dollar job in return.
Beaverton deserves him. Note to the other finalists: Don't hold your breath.

Dear City of Beaverton,

Get ready to enter into a world of pain if you hire "the Don". I would suggest concerned watchdog citizens and the press watch for:
1. Extensive and very expensive "non-compete" contracts between the City and vendors Maziotti is friends with, err, I mean, "has done business with in the past". Be especially on the look out for consulting contracts for "internal operations", IT contracts for Enterprise Data Systems, and sole source developer and construction deals
2. Bad hires for unqualified/unethical people in hazy but very expensive positions such as Norris Lozano for the infamous New Markets Tax Credit program
3. An increase in internal HR lawsuits due to harassment of employees and badly managed departments
4. Bullying tactics and resulting community chaos for projects Don wants, the way he wants them (i.e. Burnside Bridgehead "Home Depot" proposal)
5. Conflicts of interest such as sitting on the New Markets Tax Credit Board while at the same time facilitating New Markets deals for PDC
6. Big old expense account dinners under the guise of "business" both in town and while traveling
7. Lots of expensive projects that do not pan out or get completed. Of note, please research the horrible performance of Maziotti while he worked for the State of Oregon.
7. Lots of other wasted money and nonperforming returns on city tax payer investment.

My advice City of Beaverton? Check his references including staff of all levels at his former places of employment, and just do a simple Google search on news articles written about Maziotti in the past. You've been warned.

Trust me, there are far better candidates out there.

I was thrilled to see Don was selected as one of the 3 finalists chosen to lead Beaverton’s Community Development Department. One of Don’s most admirable qualities is his ability to lead with strong conviction, vision, passion and a steadfast commitment to an agency and its workforce. Beaverton’s Community Development Department would benefit greatly from Don’s experience and I can’t envision anyone being more promising or better qualified. Don doesn’t stand on the sidelines watching life happen; he makes things happen – he is an incredible visionary, with a solid work history, strong work ethic and has a list of accomplishments that go on-and-on.

Thank you, kag1, for your post from a City of Portland computer.

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