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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hounded by defeat

Here we are, already in Week 2 of the pro football underdog pool in which I play. Last week there were three winning 'dogs -- Denver (4), the Jets (5), and San Francisco (6.5) -- and alas, I had none of the above. The Niners had a certain appeal, but I picked Jacksonville over Indiana (7), and came up a couple of points short.

Many readers advised me to take the Jets -- I should have listened. Commenter Kevin actually had both the Jets and Denver -- that guy speaks with authority.

But hey, don't look back -- it's onward and upward. See any underdogs here (in caps) who can win their game outright this weekend? The point spreads matter only in that they determine how many points I rack up if my 'dog actually wins its game straight up. It's still way early in the season, so it's o.k. to throw the long ball. Here's the slate:

10 ST. LOUIS at Washington
10 DETROIT vs. Minnesota
9 CINCINNATI at Green Bay
7 HOUSTON at Tennessee
6 CAROLINA at Atlanta
5 TAMPA BAY at Buffalo
4.5 NY JETS vs. New England
3.5 ARIZONA at Jacksonville
3.5 BALTIMORE at San Diego
3 CHICAGO vs. Pittsburgh
3 CLEVELAND at Denver
3 NY GIANTS at Dallas
3 OAKLAND at Kansas City
3 MIAMI vs. Indianapolis
1.5 SEATTLE at San Francisco

(The Eagles-Sanits game isn't eligible because of an ambiguously-injured-quarterback situation.)

Help me out with some free advice, folks -- I don't want to take a cipher for a second week running.

Comments (26)

Chicago. But don't bet your house.

I think Arizona was still a little hung over last week from the Super Bowl hoopla...Cardinals over the Jags.

Dallas, San Francisco, Arizona, Indianapolis. I expect the 49ers and Colts to surprise people this year.

Hey ecohuman, three of the four you named (Dallas, San Francisco, and Indianapolis) are the favorites. You want to pick the teams on the left side in CAPS that you think are going to win.

I'd be tempted by NY Jets again, playing at home. But then, I said Tampa Bay last week so . . .

Baltimore over San Diego. Ravens have a solid QB now in Flacco with a top-tier defense. San Diego looked slow against one of the NFL's worse teams.

For a long shot, Tampa Bay could pull off the upset against Buffalo. TB put up 450 yrds offense against the Cowboys. Buffalo is still without its stud RB, Marshawn Lynch, TO is already mouthing off to his QB, and 7 of Buffalo's points was from an interception.

Two more for you:

Seattle over San Francisco
Oakland over Kansas City

Dallas, San Francisco,... Indianapolis.

The game here is to pick one underdog. I am sure that most of the favored teams will win their games. Which ones won't?

I may be slow, but I'm also inferior.

Look for St. Louis, Chicago and Oakland to meet or beat the spread.

We are looking for an underdog that will win its game outright, without the benefit of the spread.

Win outright, no spread? Ah. Oakland and Chicago. Absolutely. St. Louis probable.

Yes, GAS, the Jets are often surprising early in the season, and they have sometimes surprised the Pats. But do not look for that to happen this week.

One would be wise to go with the team still smarting over being left out of last year's second season pahty despite going 11-5 with a backup QB -- a team whose coach has thought it strong enough to lose extraordinary talent. NE will stumble a couple, perhaps a few, times this year, but they will not lose their next contest: Tom was dissatisfied with his return performance last Monday.

Baltimore b/c SD looked bad, LT is injured and SD just didn't look good against Oak.

BTW, Flacco looks like he might be offensive this year instead of just a ball manager.

the team still smarting over being left out of last year's second season pahty

They did not look good in Week 1 this year. They struggled while the Jets rolled.

To win you have to go for points. SEATTLE gets you a measly 1.5...Jack, nothing gained there (besides, SF will win). Oakland, same story. Go with CAROLINA. No way they suck that bad two weeks running. They are out to prove something. Even in Atlanta.

The black cats do look like a quality pick. Anybody like Houston?

Not one, but two of these will win this week.

Arizona by three

Miami by nine

Pick the one that will give you the most points

Giants over Cowboys. It's a great NFC East division grudge match and the Sunday night game to boot. It will be tough, because NY is playing the first of three straight road games, and the Cowboys' new stadium is expected to break attendance records Sunday night with 100K plus (real numbers, not Beavers numbers). But if the Giants O-line gives Eli Manning time to spread the ball among his receivers, and if Brandon Jacobs stays healthy, New York should win. Tony Romo is good, but he'll have his work cut out against the Giants defense. But I thought the spread was 7.5, not 3?

In order:

3.5 BALTIMORE at San Diego
3 NY GIANTS at Dallas
5 TAMPA BAY at Buffalo

Giants...(only 3, but come on..they are favored in many circles to win the SB)

Longshot Flyer on St. Louis...I thought the Redskins looked awful

My guess is Tampa Bay over Buffalo. I think the Bills already hit the high water mark of their season in the first half against New England, and TO is already complaining.

The slam dunk no-brainer pick is for Baltimore. And as a Chargers fan it hurts hurts hurts my heart to say that.

But, that only gives you 3.5 points. Meh.

If you want more points than that, I'd go with Carolina over Atlanta. I like their chances slightly better than Houston's. Cinci, Detroit, and St Louis are NOT going to win.

I think that Baltimore is a solid pick. Last year, I think you did well by picking up points consistently and were able to fend off people at the end. You don't have to make desperation picks toward the end of the season. But 3 points is so little.

I can't stop looking at the Carolina v. Atlanta match up. The game is in Atlanta, but it's not a long trip, so there can't be any Seattle type excuses. Last week, Carolina - who made it to the NFC championship last year - had a team record 7 turnovers, most of which were Delhomme INTs. They still only lost by 12. That means their defense is fairly stout (or Miami's offense is just horrible). I'd pick Carolina for the slightly riskier pick than Baltimore.

Win outright, no spread? Ah. Oakland and Chicago. Absolutely.

Two for two.

Big week for the underdogs ... in order of biggest points:


Jack, who did you pick?

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