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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

He's good enough, he's smart enough...

... and doggone it, he can do this.

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So now we see the talent that got the man elected. What a maroon.

Better maroon than red.

Perfect for the Ed Sullivan show.

Nice party trick. I look forward to the other accomplishments of Congress.

I wonder how many Congress-Critters can actually locate the state they represent on a map.

Too bad about the silly sound track added. I would have liked to hear his commentary as he drew, especially in the deep south and mountain time zone.

I actually found this far more impressive. Well, at least more relevant. I'm pretty good with geography and drawing all the states freehand is a lot tougher than it looks.

Thanks Nate. Your video is far more impressive and relevant.

That's why Franken is so much better than Kucinich.

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