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Friday, September 25, 2009

Funny smell

Vicki Walker's parole board job has fallen through -- sort of. There has got to be more going on here than meets the eye -- anybody know what it is?

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She was a pain to Teddy K, he nominated her, she lost her seat and now no job or seat.

She seemed as qualified as Carter and Galizio do for their jobs.

Well, we can only speculate, but Vicki is a person of high ethics. Perhaps she mulled over whatever quid pro quo was involved and decided the price was too high.

She's taken a bit of flak over being appointed (high salary, etc.) and since she has future political aspirations she figured it wasn't worth tarnishing her name/reputation for a position she didn't really want all that much.

She's not exactly out in the cold.

But I'd still rather have her working as an outsider. She is tenacious and curious and she could unearth massive corruption at high levels with the proper motivation.

Isn't there some foundation devoted to rooting out the dark forces of politics that could give her a grant?

I just hope she wasn't tricked out of office by the Goldschmidt people.

She ought to run for governor. Of course, it's damned hard to raise money if you won't sell out to the people financing your campaign.

Maybe someone realized that federal regs prevent institutions that receive federal funds from hiring people for non-supervisory jobs without an affirmative action compliant search? Or maybe someone reported this and the OUS Galizio hiring to the OFCCP or BOLI?

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