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Monday, September 21, 2009

Found Brooke

A sad, sad story is finally drawing to a close.

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May her family finally be at peace

This guy is a true monster. Life without parole is too good for him. He should thank his lucky stars that our constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, because if there was ever a was a case that calls for medieval style punishment this is it. The plea deal makes sense, because even if he did get the death penalty, he'd probably never get executed and the tax payers would have to spend millions in legal fees on the appeals. Maybe if things go well he will get his just deserts the same way Jeffrey Dahmer got his. The family will get her body back and hopefully it gives them some peace and a sense of closure.

Oh God help them.
I'll take some of the pain from the family.
They may have found some peace but the pain, I'm sure, remains immense.

I can't imagine how bad it must be.

My own daughter and her friends were heading to Western and OSU that year. Some of them look very similar to Brooke making the Brooke W story was very distrubing then.

Very sad.

I have to think to myself and ask, did the task force really spend a lot of time checking to see if it were possible that there could be more victims that are still out there not attributed to his animal acts, and did they account for his every move?
I think the family made a wise choice as they know he would never be executed in Oregon. You gotta live in Texas to get true justice, what a shame. But that is another subject that will never be resolved by the empty suits running the show.

I wonder if this is the time to use this horrible crime to make political statements. Oregon will never be Texas. Ever.

Yes, I am glad that the family will finally have some closure. Listening to Brooke's mother at the press conference was painful and it must have been hard for her to keep composed. Same for everyone in attendance.

The truth is that a plea deal in exchange for the details was the right thing for the family as we all know that even if this monster would have been sentenced to death, he would had just sat on death row for 50 years waiting for the day that would never come. Just sad.

This way he doesn't get the circus. Good. But as someone has asked, how many more bodies has he got out there?

Couldn't we have something a bit more sensitive to the family that Lee's account of her final hours? I'm not even understanding why that is necessary.

Let's hope he doesn't claim insanity and get a field trip to the state fair.

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