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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fish hatchlings swimming to sea

Portland city commissioner Nick Fish is seeing an exodus of staffers all of a sudden, just a year and a quarter into his term. What's up with that?

I'm not sure what connection (if any) it has to the resignations, but Fish, who is serving out the abbreviated term left when Erik Sten mysteriously quit the council, will be running for re-election in May.

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Maybe he won't. Maybe he's heading for cooler waters, or a better clime. Maybe this comment is out of school. Maybe naut.

City considers financial aid for TMT:


“There will be no ‘son of sit-lie,’” Fish said this week. “But we’re working on a plan that recognizes we have to protect the free flow of people on the sidewalks and maybe enforce laws in dedicated zones. Whatever we come up with will be a compromise.”

Fish said one idea would split parts of certain sidewalks into two or three zones. Certain sections could then be deemed acceptable for congregating and other activities such as protesting or panhandling.


Fish said one idea would split parts of certain sidewalks into two or three zones.

Wouldn't that require duct tape?

Another quote from the above article:

"One of the sites is the Park Avenue West tower, on which construction has halted until the developer, TMT Development, can find more financing.

The city could step in to help complete the $200 million-plus project if construction on the scaled-down project doesn’t begin again in January as expected, according to the latest Downtown Retail Strategy draft."

So then it's taxpayer-owned towers, and panhandler-owned sidewalks.

Heh... no tape needed, the city has plenty of those green mats that they use for bike boxes.

What a disappointment Fish has become. He has all this compassion for the homeless but could care less about the decay of the downtown retail core. Every day businesses are moving out and more store fronts are empty. What can one expect from someone that has never had to worry about meeting a payroll or keeping the bottom line in the black? This guy is such a lightweight and his staff knows it. I believe that everyone knows that 2010 is going to provide a dramatic political shift to the right and the smart ones are scurrying for safer ports.

2010 is going to provide a dramatic political shift to the right

Not in Oregon. Especially not in Portland.

Nick Fish is another Dan Saltzman in training. Can't we get some variety on the City Council?? I am starting to actually miss Erik Sten.

The city is effectively broke.
The bumping of the convention center hotel was the certain sign.
Creepy and company like to pretend they postponed the hotel progress because the timing and circumstances weren't right.

BS, they could care less about timing or anything fiscally responsible.

The truth is they couldn't find ANY of their funny money or schemes to fund continuing it.
If the whole truth really be ever told I suspect the money problem is far worse than they're telling.
PDC is no doubt falling into default on TIF debt service with LID payments not arriving either.

The city can't lend to the TMT project, because there's too great a risk that the developer would pay the loan back on time with interest, something that's not covered in the policy manual.

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