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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't let the lunch lady breathe on your pizza, either

This year's innovation: To prevent the spread of swine flu, children should no longer touch each other. No chest bumps, high fives, hugs, or handshakes -- all too dangerous.

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That's going to put a crimp in the sex education programs of most teenagers.


Maybe that's the real objective.

We must keep our children safe from every danger real or imagined.

That's not possible...nor even desireable.

Safe from EVERY danger is allowed no risk. No risk is no learning and no growth.

Ah, wistfully recalling the golden days when those types were satisfied just trying to use weather forecasts to terrify the general population and keep them distracted from the real evils perpetrated -- by people greedily preying on other people and their money, their land, their stuff, their children....


The latest in back to school fashion: Rubber Gloves and Surgical Masks.

As a youth I enjoyed the following pursuits:
1. Monkey bars (over dirt, or asphalt)
2. Really high swing set
3. Climbing Trees
4. Skating on a real pond
5. Diving into the public pool from the 3 meter board.
6. Riding my bike any place I wanted to go without a helmet
7. Exploding model cars with fire crackers (homemade)
8. Built our own pool by excavating hole in backyard resulting in excellent mud bath
9. The great rope swing at Fair Oaks bridge in Sacto. Also, jumping off said bridge
10. Solo camping trips in Jr. High times.
11. Fishing, anywhere, any time

The list goes on... In general I am not too nostalgic for the good old days. I don't miss polio, segregation, of commie witch hunts. I do like new technology. But for craps sake, lets allow our kids to take some risks, learn something and grow up...

As silly as the headline to this post sounds, some of the comments in this thread are even sillier, perhaps owing to commenters having failed to actually read the linked article.

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