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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crack epidemic

As weird as Portland is keepin' it, thank heaven this problem doesn't seem to be rampant in these parts.

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Um...we just must not travel in the same circles. The saggy jeans look (complete with boxer peekaboo) is all the rage with the high school crowd; I've had to restrain myself from yanking on my own teen's jeans from behind in a sad attempt to prove that it's a stupid, stupid look.

Walk through Lloyd Center at lunch and it's the same thing. Not as bad now that school's back in session (and the security guards find it's once again safe enough to patrol). But it's out there. And it's significant.

I am seriously annoyed by the crack attack. But really, there's no accounting for taste. If someone wants to walk around with their pants falling down, it's there problem. It really does me no harm, other than it is unpleasant to observe. I guess I will get over it.

So the answer is a Wedgie Hit Squad.

well thank goodness it's only some additional fabric at this point, and not the actual "plumber" crack!

This is a good example of how a small annoyance can become a major issue. As a PPS teacher, I have spent more staff hours than I care to count debating this "dress code" issue. I am in the camp of "teenagers are free to dress as idiots if they are not creating a classroom distraction or are a danger to themselves or others." Hence I don't think there should be a school rule about sagging. Once we make a policy about sagging, then we're obliged to enforce it. Then we follow what is called "Progressive Discipline" which means, warning, letter sent home, suspension, longer suspension with parent meeting, ... expulsion. Eventually this leads to large numbers of students being suspended (and expelled!) because of their pants. We already have enough problems with our PR.
On the other hand, here's my last quote from a school yearbook: "Pull up your pants. They don't pay me enough to look at your butt!"

Ride any TriMet bus on a regular basis and you will see this fashion trend is here in Portland. You also get a great 'crack' view of bicyclists from Tri Met buses. In this instance it is mostly women who wear lowcut pants who are offering us all this view.

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