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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Con man strikes yet again

David Wilson, the "Welches" con man, is hard at work these days. To go along with Thursday night's tale of woe from out near the airport, this evening we get this one from a visitor to Southeast Portland:

We were had! That sack of s***, David Wilson, got $40 out of me and my husband on Saturday night in SE PDX. Same story, we of course had never heard of this a****le because we live in Corvallis and were in town visiting friends. We were headed to Holocene and were already pretty drunk so his story seemed pretty legitimate to our inebriated selves. Once we got back to our friends' house later that night everyone was thinking that guy must have been a scammer that totally worked us over. I went online and sure enough I found your blog and other testimonials from other poor saps like us. We gave him our address so that he could send us the money! Man, we are so dumb! I'm pretty terrified that he could find us but my husband is convinced he is more concerned with weaseling money out of more chumps in Portland than tracking us down. Nonetheless I'm keeping our house locked up like Fort Knox. From now on, I'll be keeping my eye out for this f***head whenever I come to Portland and if I see his sorry a** I plan on burning his f***ng eyes out with pepper spray.
There are lots of folks who would pay $40 to see that.

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He pulls that "Give me your address, I'll pay you back" stuff with everybody. Never heard of him following through in any way. He probably just tosses your address into the trash on his way to the bar or to find a drug dealer.


Then again, count me in for $5 to see the burning of the eyes.

He's a racketeer. Kroger, come and get 'im -- will you?

Prosecution is being reserved for the victim who causes bodily harm to this toad.

You are exactly right Jack. The issue that will happen soon is that somebody is going to kick David's rear end and he will still be walking around free to scam people while the other person is in jail.

I'd pay $40 to watch them get had.

The issue that will happen soon is that somebody is going to kick David's rear end and he will still be walking around free to scam people while the other person is in jail.

Or David can hire a pro bono attorney to sue the person for damages.

Actually, I guess he would hire a contingency fee attorney, not a pro bono attorney. The contigent fee counsel would, of course, take up to 50 percent off the top of any judgment he won for David.

This guy got me also. I ended up giving him $6-$8. My friend, a bit less naive then I seem to be knew it was a scam but just kept quiet so he could laugh at me afterwards. Good times.

Whoa, guys! What's with all the hostility, here? Think of this from my perspective: I've had my truck stolen roughly 220 times, along with wallet, phone, faith in humanity, etc., then had to subsequently take a taxi back to Welches, only to experience this unfortunate series of events all over! You'd think I would have learned my lesson by now. Or atleast lock my truck up in this town of crooks! Now as far as the borrowing of money, admittedly, I've been pretty lax. But having to replace that $18k truck every time adds up. Let's work out a payment plan, shall we? Don't worry, I keep all your addresses in a rolodex that I keep by my bed, and say I prayer for each one the kind, blessed, generous souls that helped me back home to Welches before I rest my weary, unlucky eyes. Certainly, burning my eyes out would only delay the repayment, not to mention stalling my lucrative contract work. Let's all just take a breath here and remember who the real victim here is: a poor, honest schmuck who regularly has his truck stolen. If being too trusting of my fellow man is a crime, then lock me and throw away the key. Because, I'm never going to lock that truck. Or pay you back.


David Wilson

Maybe David really was a contractor whose truck was stolen. When he went out on the street to ask for help getting back to Welches, he learned that the kind generosity of the people of Portland was more lucrative than construction work. Being tired and sore from years of hard labor, he decided to go into a new line of work bilking people for $20 to $40 a pop. It's tax-free money, there are no annoying permits to acquire or complicated plans to follow. No bidding.

Anyone who is approached by this guy in the current economy should know that it's a scam. There is very little construction taking place in Portland these days.

Skeptics should ask why he cannot obtain the needed funds from his client and reimburse them when he is able.

I must not frequent his neighborhood because I have never seen him on the street. If I did run into him, I would be inclined to follow him and see where he goes "home" to.

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