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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blackwater -- The Home Game

When a local government had an unused, empty jail and needed cash, the solution is more troubling than the problems.

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Mayberry, CIA (and NSA, DIA, et al.)

Hardin ain't no Mayberry. It's some rough country.

OK, so there Otis is a geeter.

Maybe there's something to all that delusional squawking about "FEMA Prisons" after all?

Jon, If I recall my dates and players correctly, those FEMA Camp rumors began back in Jan 2005, long before this administration came into power.. KBR was awarded a contract to build new and refurbish existing camp sites (those used for the Japanese)..the ruse for their necessity was related to immigration issues but there was another clause that mentioned other needs that werent defined.. Those undefined needs caused some stir amongst those interested in monitoring such things..at the time, there was quite a bit of info available about the KBR contract on the net.. I havent checked recently but its probably still there... Blackwater has several training grounds.. they tried to move into northern Illinois (San Diego area too) and were met with great opposition from the locals.. not sure how that ended... PS - Blackwater's name changed to Xe, but I heard recently, theyve changed their name again...

Gotta love that "American Police Force" logo. The crown and the double eagle are very reminiscent of the state emblem of tsarist Russia.

Is Wapato next?

So that's where the GITMO detainees are headed!!

good one PDX Native , I bet I could get a sweet lease on wapatooo , get sam-rand to let me put up some private roadblocks ... CHA- Ching

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