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Monday, September 28, 2009

Better get health care done soon

There's a serious throwdown brewing with these guys. I think it's going to get rather distracting.

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First he has to get the olympics to Chicago, then he can get back to work on the health care. Then, sometime in the distant future, he can scold Iran again.

Well Jim, I guess the President could call all members of Congress into chambers and then padlock the doors, not letting them out until they pass a bill. No food or pottybreaks.

US: We've known about your unreported nuclear materials site for several years.

Iran: So?

US: You're hiding it! We know you're hiding it because you didn't make a public declaration about it!

Iran: Nope. In fact, the IAEA has known of it too. They even said so. We just haven't had inspectors visit it.

US: But--you're trying to secretly make nuclear weapons! You're a threat to middle east security and the world!

Iran: Only you and Israel say so, really. Coincidentally, only you and Israel have and deal nuclear weapons in the middle east. And only you have used them...twice.

US: You've said you want Israel wiped off the face of the map!

Iran: Wrong, and even your own newspapers proved it. Somebody misquoted and mischaracterized the President, who essentially said "A Zionist government can't exist, it needs to disappear off the map". Not Jews, not nuclear attack, nothing--just an extremist government that's said repeatedly it's worried about the racial and ethnic purity of its country, and wants a Jewish state--no Arabs, nobody--just Jews. Did we mention that the government of Israel has referred to the Jewish people as "the Chosen People" and "The Chosen of God"? Don't you even read your own newspapers?

US: We don't know anything about that. We think you're trying to acquire nucler weapon technology, and that can't be allowed to happen.

Iran: So you're worried we're making nuclear weapons at this site, but you waited several years to say something about it?

US: Well...

Iran: Isn't it interesting you waited until now to do it? Even though the site has been minimally operational for years? And we've invited IAEA inspectors to visit the site and document it.

US: But you're threatening Israel!

Iran: You really don't read your own newspapers, do you? Israel has threatened--repeatedly--to attack us, a sovereign nation, to "preemptively" rid us of the ability to "make nuclear weapons".

Tell us--why is it alright for Israel to own nuclear weapons, "preempively" attack several countries these past decades, occupy lands, be condemned by just about human rights organization in existence, be criticized by the UN repeatedly, and receive billions in cash and high-tech weaponry from you? You are the largest arms dealer in the world! How is it that a country like you can say you stand for peace, when you make and sell trillions of dollars of weapons and sell them around the planet?

US: We're going for sanctions. it's clear you can't be trusted. Damn Muslims.

Seriously, eco-h, you went too easy on 'them.' It's worse than you say.

Hint: Iran is neither enemy nor threat.

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