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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All you need is bucks

Unlike the Portland mayoral recall effort, some signature-gathering efforts are apparently having no trouble at all meeting their goals.

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Hmmm...do you suppose they actually made it easy for people to sign their petitions?

The powers that be around these parts want Adams to remain mayor--at least for the time being.

I don't believe in calling the recall of Sam Adams so soon. This is a long-shot, populist outsider thing so making a prediction that it will come up short, is easy. There's no points for great insight in that.

I hear if each of the volunteers gets 2 to 3 new signatures a day, then they will make it. That's what I hear.

I also don't buy this sentiment that it wasn't easy enough for you to sign. That sounds like people in search of an excuse.

I can also see why going door-to-door would generate more accurate signatures whereas being out in a crowd would attract more phonies that could cost legitimate signatures.

What I do notice is a hush falling over Portland as the pro-Sam forces wait for the results. I don't see Sam out declaring that it's over - that's for sure.

I fear you are incorrect.

Adams has declared that it's over. He's done so by flip-flopping on the 12 lane bridge (again) and by the decided lack of dirty tricks against Wurster's effort. The fat lady is not going to sing on this one. She's going to fart.

Bill, to sign the petition you had to either go through a training session (either in person or on line) to become a legal signature gatherer or go and track down somebody who had done the training. That doesn't make it easy to sign a petition!

I'll bring a petition to you if you'd like to sign.

All you have to do is enter Recall Sam Adams in your google search.
Then pick "Recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams".
Once you're at the site, scroll down to "Where to Sign the Petition." Below that they list the places starting with the main office.

I think there's 17 sites with the hours listed. They read a little like this:

. . . .
615 SE Market St.
Monday to Friday
7:30 a.m.
5 p.m.
Find street parking, and then go into the Oil Filter Service Co. and ask to sign the petition.
. . . .
2039 SE 39th Ave.
Monday to Friday
9 a.m.
5 p.m.
Find street parking, and then go into Fix My Dead PC and ask to sign the petition.

. . . .
3734 SE Division St.
Tuesday to Saturday
9 a.m.
5:30 p.m.
Find street parking, and then go into Do It Best Division Hardware. Ask for Louis and sign the petition.

. . . .
9321 SE Stark St.
Monday to Friday
8 a.m.
5 p.m.
Affordable Auto Care is a location where you can sign the petition.

I went to the hardware store, but there are others in other parts of town including the main office at 421 N. Broadway.

This isn't that difficult. I would equate to going to the post office
without the lines.

I found it very easy to sign the petition to recall Sam. I went to the web site, found the list of locations and went to a very friendly bar on 20th and NE Sandy and signed....that simple...that easy and took very little of my time.Y'all should try it and just get it done!

Bill--thanks for the list. I checked the website out early on and gave up in frustration with the process. I will definitely get over to Affordable Auto Care! And I'll send my husband, my parents, and anybody else I can get to go.

Just getting on the ballot is no guarantee of anything in Oregon. With dead people, illegals, and slackers voting, courtesy of the Acorn-esque Ministry of Elections, this criminally debilitating tax hike could stand.

Several of the statewide referenda campaigns allowed volunteers to download petition sheets. Over 150k signatures were gathered in Oregon this last month by volunteers on these efforts.

You just post the pdf's with instructions. I'm informed that 99% of the printed petitions that were mailed back on the anti-tax campaigns were printed off correctly (double-sided on white copy paper).

This wasn't about potential user errors. Jasun wanted to make sure that every circulator signed an ideological purity agreement before he would accept their help.

It amounts to signing a statement that you won't collect signatures from bigots - I couldn't care less about Adams's sexuality but I still found the agreement insulting.

Signatures are too valuable to turn away for silly reasons. I gathered several hundred signatures as a volunteer this summer. I never tried to screen potential signers for indicia of bigotry - that wasn't my job.

If I spend a day getting 100 signatures you should be overjoyed if your name is Jasun Wurster. You shouldn't care a wit if 14 of them think Leviticus is Divine Law.

It is hard enough to get people to help you for free - don't make it any harder than it absolutely needs to be.

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