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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wood Village mixing up the Kool-Aid

"Urban renewal" slush funds, tacky condos, tax excrement financing, the works -- it's all getting ready to come the taxpayers' way out in Minnistown. I hope they don't forget the streetcar!

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And now we know where the Paulsons will put their new stadium.

It wouldn't be a bad spot for it, actually. If only LLP would buy the property and build it there... but no.

I asked Wood Village Mayor Dave Fuller about the Beavers, and he said a stadium would probably have to be publicly owned, which would deprive the city of the property tax revenue that is the point of encouraging redevelopment in the first place. He also thought it was probably too far away.

It was great as a dog track. Many great memories of that place . . .

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