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Monday, August 24, 2009

Where Portland jobs will be going

Newberg! They're planning an industrial park that will not have any condos or Whole Foods. And probably a huge, wasteful parking lot! How backward. I'm sure no one will want to locate their business there.

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"Industrial tenants in Newberg include A-Dec Inc. and Climax Portable Machine Tools."

If I heard right, Climax Tools isn't in Newberg yet, but will be coming soon.

Not to fear, OSP and ODOT will have enough multi-hour traffic accident reconstruction investigation road closings to kill any thought of buying into it.

Climax tools have been making portable machine tools in Newberg for probably 25 years. They used to be over by the airport.

But there's no light rail out there.

"OSP and ODOT will have enough multi-hour traffic accident reconstruction investigation road closings"

Why? People will live and work in Portland, jus tlike the do in Lake Oswego.

Portland's screwing itself up, why slow them down?

"But there's no light rail out there."

The Portland Tribune just ran an article about Max heading out to Sherwood, which will surely then be pushed to Newberg.

Here's a map.

Newberg is fine, if you never have to go anywhere that is. There is no quick way in or out of Newberg. To get to a freeway you either have to negotiate that stretch of road rage known as 99w for 30-45 minutes or crawl through the outdated two-lane Tualatin-Sherwood Rd. and get stuck behind a dump truck doing 35mph. Used to be you could save time going over the mountain, but now Roy Rodgers Rd has been discovered by the masses and there'll be curbs, crosswalks and 7-11's cropping up any day now. As for MAX coming to Sherwood? Oh great - time to put bars on the windows of all those McMansions...

MAX coming to Sherwood? That'll make it the new Gresham. Tri-Met will gouge you on your property taxes and then another huge bite when they have to double the police force.
The criminal element will delight in getting some fresh green territory not easily accessible to them before.
Get those For Sale signs in the yard now, folks!

Not entirely correct RANZ. You can take the Aurora exit off of I-5 to Newberg quite easily. In fact, it's just two turns (one off the freeway, one onto St. Paul HWY) and you're in the part of Newberg they're planning this development in.

“There are some farm buildings and residences on some parcels of the land. It’s assumed that in the future those buildings will be worked around or taken out as the area develops.”

Hmm, actually expanding a city to give businesses what they need in order to create jobs. Does Metro know about this heresy?!

Also, I didn't see the words "sustainable" or "green roof" or "bike lockers" anywhere in that press release. Won't they at least mandate space for a community garden and urban chicken coops? What planet am I on?

Sure, C. And within a year the planners will muck that route up too. You can also take the Wilsonville exit and back-road it to Newberg but that's turning out just like the Chehalem route too.

...might as well stick a WalMart and a Costco in there too. Bleckk.

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