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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's bad for GM is good for Congress

Private jets, that is.

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Little different being the one who writes the checks vs. the ones coming on bended knee for bailouts though, don't you think?

You don't have to be a rocket scientist or even Toyota to know that flying the CEOs in Lear jets to beg is a serious PR blunder -- kinda says "We are totally tone deaf to others" -- which, now that you think about it, is why they needed the bailouts so badly.
(That and the lack of universal health care that puts them way behind all their competitors.)


Private company wanting to use public dollars for it's own unnecessary extravagance vs. Government body that approves spending wanting to use public dollars for it's own unnecessary extravagance.

No, I'm afraid it isn't much different at all. Buy a plane ticket like everyone else, Congress Critters.

The only difference is the one that counts: Congress doesn't have to convince anyone to give it the money, they have guys for that. Detroit had to beg someone for the money.

If you mean that private jets are stupid and wasteful for anyone, I'm with you there. We need a airplane fuel tax in the $20/gal range, a complete end to all the generous subsidies for "civil" aviation, and privatizing of all airports so that they go on the tax rolls instead of being money sinks.

Nothing new - Google "Air Pelosi" & see what the Botox Creature from the Bay has been up to, ordering the Air Force around like her private airline to ferry family & camp followers to San Francisco weekly on an Air Force 757 (no little Gulfstream for the Queen - they have to make a refueling stop). Carbon footprint be damned! She books the aircraft in advance, then cancels & reschedules on a whim. Pelosi, of course, says the criticism is because she's technically a woman.

How's that Hope and Change working out for all of you?

We're getting a much higher class of disappointment, and in complete sentences with both nouns and verbs. Every time I start despairing about Obama & Co. -- which is way too often -- someone will chime in with a line like "How's that hope and change working out for you?" and I'm reminded that things could be lots, lots, lots worse.

George, if you wait a few more months it will be "lots, lots, lots worse."

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