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Monday, August 31, 2009

Wake up and smell the desperation

Three words: Starbucks instant coffee.

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Via? How inspiring. *yawn* Must come in a beige-on-white package. What goofball marketeer's eureka was that?

Vaya Con Dios

so, what's different from the other crap coffee they sell? I've always thought Starbuck's coffee was sub-par. Many local joints brew a better cup of jo. I patronize those folks.......

The business models they are a changin' in a down economy. (apologies to BD)

Anybody happen to know what "espresso" means?

Try Peet's. Of course, I personally use whatever is cheapest at Walmart, as the alleged Kirkland branded but burned and pulverized by Starbuck's stuff at Costco leaves mud at the bottom of my Ms Coffee.

When Starbucks announced the instant coffee product in February, their stock slipped for a day or two, about the only time their shares have ticked downward since last fall.
Since November, their stock price has increased almost threefold.

Now might be a good time to sell.

Oops--SBUX dropped about 40 cents today (to $18.99 a share).

Searbucks coffee is always burnt and taste like it has been filtered through a jockstrap...

Maybe it could work for backpacking - that's the one time I miss a morning coffee. But other times? Ugh.

Fonzi-- I laughed out loud and couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, Dutch Bros is worse.

I'm no fan of the Starbucks brand of coffee and espresso mediocrity, but I have to say that the new Via product is actually pretty cool. It tastes great to this long-time coffee snob, and the convenience of it when you just want a single cup of coffee has proven very nice at the office.

p.s. Apparently they've been working on this for decades...I'd say they nailed it.

I hate Starbucks because they are successful! I wish I could hate Stumptown as much...

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