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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The real deal

Carl Yastrzemski turns 70 today.

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I hada civil proceedure prof in first year of law school who was a rabid, die hard devout Red Sox fan. That spring, many Wednesday afternoon and Friday afternoon CivPro classes were held in the center field bleachers at Fenway. To date myself, it was a huge $ 0.75 to get in to the bleachers on a weekday afternoon.

Watching Yaz play was a lot of fun. The Circle T (the MTA to you uninitiated folks) took you to Kenmore Square, a block from Fenway, for a quarter.
Go by streetcar!

And wonder of wonders, Tom Yawkey wasn't pissing and moaning to have the taxpayers build him a stadium. (Though the clown who had started the then Boston Patriots of the AFL, who was stocking the team with BC and Holy Cross kids who didn't belong in pro ball) certainly always had his hand out for taxpayer money.)

It was before steroids. Yaz used kielbasi.

He's at Fenway today, watching the BoSox redeem last evening's 20-11 thumping by the Ys. Sox up 12-0 after six, eleven of their runs having scored with two out.

The man who gave up Yaz's first home run is also in Fenway today. Youkilis has already hit two outta' the park.

Nonny, it was better to go by bicycle. Certainly faster negotiating Kenmore after a game.

Yaz won the Triple Crown in 1967. The previous year, Frank Robinson did the same thing. Nobody has done it since and it seems unlikely anybody will, unless Pujols gets really hot in the next six weeks.

Yaz brings back so many good memories, my Grandfather was a rabid Redsox fan, and I spent a few treasured nights watching him play in Fenway park. Both Grampa and the old green wall are things of the past now.

For 9 months, I lived two stops past Kenmore Sq. on the green line. I'd get out at Kenmore because you had to pay more when the street car emerged from underground. I used to try avoid the T on game days because Sox fans were too insane. Yazzie and Frank Robinson (and growing up I was an O's fan) were two of the best of their era. Thanks for the memories of a time when sports were about playing not $$$$.

I lived in the Boston area from 1976-1986.

I saw Yaz play in the late 1970's.

He was the master of the green monster in left field.

Boston had the best quartet of outfielders in baseball: Yaz, Jim Rice, Dewey Evans and Fred Lynn.

Evans had the best arm of any right fielder I ever saw. Fred Lynn, when healthy, was one of the most complete players in the game. Jim Rice, future Hall of Famer, was being groomed to replace Yaz.

Tickets to sit in the center field bleachers were under $10.

Throw in Bobby Orr and later, Larry Bird.

It was a great time to be a sports fan in Boston.

Nick Fish

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