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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The hurled turgidity

Like many, I'm saddened to watch the O implode. But man, there are days when you have to wonder which planet some of these folks are from. Here's an example. The headline? "New Willamette bridge to span cyclist-pedestrian chasm." A bit overwrought, perhaps? Then the reporter throws in this stuff: The bridge "may carry motorless people in such a way as to eliminate scraped knees and the hurled epithet."

Maybe they'd do better if they insisted that everybody in the place write in English.

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High school interns maybe?

This is good though...

bikes and pedestrians who are moving at such different speed they really shouldn't share the same space.

Same could be said for bikes and automobiles on the streets.

I was just floored by the obvious misspelling on the lead article on the top of the front page this morning...

I mean, really.....

I'd think that they'd be clear on how to spell "sucker". Instead they misspelled it as "soccer".

"Vision for PGE Park: A place that says 'soccer'"

And there they go with that 'vision' thing again. Considering how miserable they are at 'envisioning', you'd think they'd give up an rely upon real market data.

They can leave the hurling to their remaining readers.

I'm starting to count how many times they print "loosing" for losing, as in "We are loosing advertisers almost as fast as we are loosing readers!" I don't even understand that one -- some misspellings are logical, but loose rhymes with noose and caboose. Why are so many people loosing their ability to spell and finding a "z" sound in "loosing"?

The shameless cheerleading for the many boondoggles is only a small part of their quality problem.

Did they even mention it costs three times what the Sellwood Bridge costs?

I thought the County was in charge of bridges?

If the City can build a Tram, a velo/pedo bridge, a Soccer Stadium, and athletic facilities, why can't they open Wapato?

I'm tired of all this left pocket/right pocket horse manure. I watched a tourist get in a fist fight with an aggressive panhandler today, less than one block from the courthouse. Not a cop in sight.

I watched a tourist get in a fist fight with an aggressive panhandler today, less than one block from the courthouse.

I hope the "spanger" got a beat down.... It won't be long until one of those dirtbags harasses the wrong person and gets blown away on a sidewalk....

The spanger realized he bit off more than he could chew and quickly retreated, all the while yelling misogynistic epithets at the tourist who was forcing him to retreat.

I walked the tourist back to his hotel so he wouldn't present too tempting a target. This encounter was right in front of the U.S. Bank branch at 6th x Salmon, and their security guard remained inside the branch (but did witness it). I called Chief Sizer and her assistant referred me to the Central Precint neighborhood task force. I muttered something about maybe they should be a blue ribbon committee instead, but she didn't get the joke. Sizer's assistant told me that she (the assistant) doesn't like to go outside in the central city because it's "too dangerous"...Precious.

Here's the best part, Jack: he works for the IRS and was visiting from Costa Mesa, CA.

I wonder if bicyclists see the irony in demanding more paved space (lanes, bridges, etc.) for transportation?

I guess if we just pave enough space, there won't be traffic and congestion problems and modal conflicts.

I mean, it works for New York City, right?

That's IT! The ENVISIONING! And it's probably awful hard to spell right and compose coherently when the keys are so florescent and ticklish.

What planet are they living on is exactly the right question. It's as though somebody was terrorized into writing a puff piece for something they had never heard of. What an absolutely irresponsible article that is.

From the WW article:

"The Oregonian has 1,120 full- and part-time employees. In the newsroom, there are 270 full-time and about 90 part-time employees."

Holy cow! I sometimes think if I really applied myself, I could crank out something better than the O from my den.

And my paper didn't get delivered for the third time in the last two weeks this morning. How many toes do they have left that they haven't shot off yet?

And it's probably awful hard to spell right ... when the keys are so florescent ...

That would be "fluorescent."

I walked the tourist back to his hotel so he wouldn't present too tempting a target.

And all along I've thought "Mister Tee" was just a pseudonym. I had no idea the A-Team read this blog. Awesome!

I know this post is more about the O going down the drain than the subject matter of the new bridge, but I really need to vent. This is so disgusting to me on many levels.

The first level is that the Portland’s bicycle lobby in relation to percentage of the citizenry relatively has more power than the NRA does in congress. They have a strangle hold on city policy makers. This manifests itself with all the money spent on bicycle infrastructure. This spending is rationalized by egregious bogus statistics regarding bicycle commute numbers. These figures bandied about and picked up by local and national media cite Portland being bicycle nirvana. In actuality the 8% of commutes quoted only hold up for commutes from close in neighborhoods to downtown. And then they are still a stretch. The city is good at lying, look at the mayor.

On a second level the expenditures for this bridge are outrageous. Screw OMSI and run the Max where the Sellwood Bridge is and replace it. Portland needs more infrastructures crossing the river which includes automobiles.

Thirdly placing the bridge where it is now planned and building those rest stops is going to turn it into the next homeless squatting area. Well at least we won’t have to spend the 40 million on the new proposed homeless day drop in center.

India has sacred cows, we have sacred bicyclists. They tend to be young and male though.

Today I biked out the Springwater trail. At 82nd the traffic light was red for me and therefore it must have been green for the cars. But they stopped anyway until I crossed--against the red. Dumb and dangerous!

The 0 (and that's a Zero not an O) has sucked for as long as I have lived here (mid-70s). They withheld stories that might offend their advertisers. They censored Doonesbury (would not print it at all on several occasions and kept it on the op ed page away from the other comic strips). They withheld the Packwood story until after the election. They withheld all they knew about the RC priest scandal in the 80s (and they had info then). Frankly, the 0 has made its bed and now it gets to sleep in it.

As for the rest, well once again, I have to wonder how the US educational system cranks out "journalists" who cannot spell, use correct, grammar or put ideas together and who think florid prose is creative and belongs in print. Maybe it's time to teach Latin in public schools again. I learned more about grammar and spelling in Latin class than I ever did in English class.

You nailed it, Lucs, but missed my fave: The Oregonian selectively deletes material from its "archives" that is potential disturbing to is patrons. Many tales of PGE and PPL seemingly bright ideas that turned into disasters got disappeared. Shameless pandering.

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