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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sorry, not a winner

A reader writes:

During a moment of goofiness the other day, I bought one of those big, fancy Crossword Scratch-It lottery tickets. On one side, several paragraphs of printed instructions concluded with: "... Oregon Lottery profits help fund thousands of projects across Oregon each year."

One inch below that: "Printed in Canada."

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What an eye for detail!

Speaking of winners, we have been talking about JACK BOGDANSKI running for mayor over at Portland Transport:


Al, you should spend your time more productively. To win a citywide election, you need the government employee unions, the Bus kids, and the gay community. You also can't be blunt and honest about mostly anything. It ain't me, babe.

You also can't be blunt and honest about mostly anything.

I know all that of course, but can we all just give up?

At least you got some notoriety, as you know celebrity is everything in America.

After this Sam Adams debacle, well?

Could you even imagine yourself in charge!

That would be quite the spectacle wouldn't it?

We could make a TV show out of it!

If Schwarzenegger can become governor of the biggest state in the union it follows that you could definitely become mayor weird Portland!

The denizens of "weird Portland" have no interest in reality.

Jack, remember that the voters are wanting real Change. I'm thinking that being blunt and honest is a major part of the Change the voters are wanting. You might be surprised, but I wouldn't be.

Seems as if Ore. Lottery has become the State Government Punching Bag du jour. Unfortunately, they can't run down to the neighborhood Kinko's to get their tickets printed. I think only one or two places in N. America can print those things due to the complexity of the process. My past dealings with Ore. Lott. left me feeling like they truly do make a big effort to use Oregon vendors whenever possible. But they can't in this instance.

OK Jack, how about a compromise? Run for mayor, get elected (and you WOULD be) but you only have to put in a year. In that year, clean out all the dead weight in all the bureaucracies, end the free rides for the developers, teach everyone what a budget is, eliminate all 'consultant' pork, redo the...OK, maybe two years?

History lesson for Jack.... if Bud Clark got elected, so can you.

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