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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Willy Week plays the "Who Had the Pickle?" game with Portland city commissioners' expense accounts this week. A noble undertaking, but they found even less of interest than the O does when it does this sort of thing. The Double Dub wrote it up and made it a cover story anyway.

Sure, there are aspects of these slush funds that could tightened up. But compared to the far grander wastes of money in which the city is constantly engaged, kvetching over this $71,000 a year doesn't seem worth it. The PDC blows $71,000 an hour.

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There is actually a pretty interesting tidbit buried in the story. According to the story, almost 1000 city employees have city-issued credit cards. That's one in 6 city employees. And collectively, they spend $15 million per year on those cards. That amounts to about $15000 per employee per year. If the numbers in the story are right, that probably does deserve some further investigation.


Bob W: Agreed. That was the "lede" of the story, but they buried it. I believe the O found something similar at the Port a while back, which may be why WW felt the need to lead with something different.

There is also this item, an insignificant expenditure of enormous suggestive consequence:

"Q: Why is Mayor Sam Adams shredding 'confidential documents'?

A: We thought this would get your attention. On April 7, Adams’ office spent $67.50 on document shredding. But Adams confesses ignorance on the topic. When shown the line item on his expense report, he suggested the documents could have been confidential personnel records. His spokesman, Roy Kaufmann, later confirmed that. 'It was required at the time, because the City’s old payroll system included confidential information such as employee Social Security numbers, and law required that those confidential documents be destroyed,' Kaufmann wrote in an email."

Does City Hall maintain an official shredder, or does everyone shred what he wants or needs to disappear?

Quite obviously, neither our alleged mayor nor Mr Kaufman, who enthusiastically assumed the $80K/annum position vacated last January by a disillusioned and disgusted Wade Nkrumah, was under oath.

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