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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Portland's fake New York quest continues

The pretention of the Rose City's development community knows no bounds. Now Hawthorne is going to be the new Hoboken, New Jersey. Whatever.

In case these guys (and their bankers) haven't noticed, people don't migrate to Portland for this kind of shinola. If they wanted to live in Soviet bunkers, they'd move to the real New York and get a job whose pay compensates them for the toll of living like that.

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Seems like something from a Jacques Tati film. I can just see M. Hulot trying to retrieve his car and ending up stuck in the rafters.

Been there, done that....sort of.


Help me out, I'm not seeing the problem here. If you can fit 29 cars in the footprint formerly occupied by 10, doesn't that allow more space for other things? These are probably a lot cleaner and safer than underground garages.

Cars don't mind being stacked, why should people object to it?

Nothing new here. Portland had these things in the fifties. Dave Rog could probably dig up a photo or two...

The people and the cars can be stacked together. So green!

Two problems:

1. It eliminates paying jobs and aren't we supposed to be creating more?

2. What happens when multiple people show up at once (at the end or beginning of the work day) to leave to pick up their cars? Do they have to queue up and wait?

Oops, a third problem. Is there going to be a mechanic on hand if the thing malfunctions and locks all of the cars into the building?

Just asking.

Messes with an emergency, too, or what about internal/external power failures. And better make sure your own insurance covers your car in there -- can't expect the shuffler owner/operator to come through for you in the end (or, more importantly, sooner rather than later -- if ever). All adds up to less for more $, and attracting more bowerbird-types to Portland.

What happnens if a vehicle stalls in the mechanism? Then the entire parking device becomes useless until such time as it can somehow be moved out of the way.

...Will my Ford Expedition fit in there?

Don't overlook the real insult here: the building has 51 units, and this parking scheme fits 29 cars.

I wish Jack would cover this trend of building residential structures with greatly reduced, or even no parking. These people park in the surrounding neighborhoods.

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