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Friday, August 7, 2009

Paulson jobs spiel smells like baloney

A concerned reader writes:

I don't know if you saw this, buried near the bottom of Geoffrey Arnold's story in The O Thursday on the Timbers, but I thought you might be interested: "Paulson said the Timbers have 34 full-time workers and the full-time staff will number somewhere between 40 and 50 in 2011."

You may remember the claims that were being made about job creation when this stadium deal was first being floated. I think 300 was the number, in addition to the temporary construction jobs. Now, they're admitting it will be somewhere from six to 16 jobs.

With what appears to be the imminent loss of the Beavers (as well as any business they drum up for the neighborhood on the 72 dates they play), it seems that this entire fiasco will not only cost us money, but will also mean a net decrease in jobs.

Boy, if it weren't for the increased international prestige that our mayor promised, I would say this just isn't a good deal.

Me, too. But don't worry, reader. The world is going to be really impressed that Portland has "major league" (by U.S. standards) soccer. We're sure of it.

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Why is this news?

You know how its done here - Make as big as possible a claim to get a project approved and then the confederacy that comprises the voting populace will forget it:
- The Tram
- PGE Park / PFE
- Every light rail project
- Sam's job plan
- SoWa
- Blah-blah-blah

Not only that, if they are paid minimum wage the city will probably continue to pungle up the difference between Paulson's pay and a "living wage."

Puh-lease. I don't particularly like the stadium financing deal and am quite certain the 300 jobs number was pulled from someone's nether regions and rounded up to the nearest 300, but the idea that the only jobs that would be created are within the Timbers organization is equally absurd.

Jack, can you find and post past articles on the 300 "new" jobs promise to compare with Paulson's numbers in this story?

Is everyone in Portland getting the free 13 week subscription to the Oregonian "sponsored by Portland Beavers and Portland Timbers?" (Or is it just those of us who used to subscribe, but quit in protest of the slanted coverage of important topics?) The offer came in the mail, on Oregonian letterhead. This relationship should eliminate the last shred of objectivity in the O's coverage of Paulson's scams.

If you take the same job-creation/job-maintenance methodology that economists use, it turns out that the economic activity generated by the average hooker working along 82nd Avenue helps to create or maintain full-time jobs for three other people here in Portland, without any city subsidies.

More international prestige from having MLS here?

After the tram, I'm not sure we can handle any more international prestige.

Remember when a Portland city commissioner said the tram would be iconic like the Eiffel Tower? Ahh, good times.

That's what's missing here. We need a BS line about the international soccer prestige. How's this?

The PGE Park deal will be known throughout the world as our Treaty of Versailles.

Too much? Just right?

A nonsense job creation figure extracted from the bowels of the person who stands with this hand on the steering wheel of the armored car, ready to hop in and drive away with a load of taxpayer money you say?

I'm shocked! Shocked!

So construction jobs for the renovation and maybe baseball stadium don't count? Are those guys gonna be working for free?

MP is just using the same b.s. methodology that the federal government is using to describe jobs "created" by the stimulus. They say that a job, even a one-day job, should be called a "job saved" or a "job created." Likewise, MP says there are about 30 - 35 employees and there will be 9 or 10 home games, so you can do the math.

The only jobs that I see being created (which do not already exist) are temporary construction jobs.

Coaches/management/marketing/players/vendors/field tenders are presumably already on the payroll or under contract.

Maybe they are plan on putting some of the beer-chugging, be-scarfed Timber Army or local newspaper reporters on contract as well and calling them "employees."

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