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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nike bails on pro soccer

It's probably not something they wanted to begin with, but the Swooshers have sold their controlling stake in the minor league that they bought as part of the acquisition of Umbro. It's the league in which the Timbers currently play, but not for long.

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Good for them.

In order to sell something, there has to be a buyer.

Which, in this case, is synonymous with 'sucker.'

I'm no economist, but if a company as successful as Nike unloads it's interest in this it should give government second thoughts about buying into it.

Fortunately, our government isn't buying into a USL squad.

A major apparel competitor wants to unload an asset they gained by acquiring a competitor (Umbro).

That doesn't exactly spell out desperation or even a bad business practice. Nike doesn't want to own the USL so they can make a run at MLS in the next few years. Why does that seen like a bad business decision? It sort of makes perfect sense to me.

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