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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Move over, Mom and apple pie

At the meeting, Larry Miller, president of the Trail Blazers, pitched a vision of a unique entertainment district that would honor the city's African Americans, green living, war veterans and Nike...
What? No organized labor, gay people, Native Americans, or Latinos? It's amazing how many different ways you can try to sell a Hard Rock Cafe.

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And the Bus Project! He left out the Bus Project!

And the Whales, the Salmon, the Children, the Sexual Minority Youths...

I think the whales and the salmon, as well as the streetcar, are subsumed under the heading "green living." I think that also covers condo towers, which, as you know, are super-duper-platinum green.

Miller is just trying to ride Paulsen's coat tails. If there's a public dole to be had for sports, surely the Blazers are as deserving as ... what is that minor league game where a round ball is kicked around.... yeah that one.

Geezus Larry, get with the program . . . all those people can be honored by renaming city streets and other landmarks!

Since the Laurelhurst and Grant neighborhoods got the most recent shaft, I nominate any street up in the West Hills for the next politically correct / white man's guilt / appeasement of minorities / Apology Way.

A Nike entertainment district eh ? Sounds like a educational "people place". I want more detail from the media about Nike neighborhoods and Nike shrines being planned by the government and the architectural cult I refer to as the "toon town urbanists".

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