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Friday, August 14, 2009

More cages at OHSU

Their whole "shock the monkey" operation is about to get bigger.

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I am sure by now it is more like Shock the Human/Chimp hybrid(remember the critter named "Andi" they produced?). OHSU is definitely a leader in a race towards a bioethics doomsday.

Jim Newman here from OHSU. Actually, the construction that W. Week inquired about is to replace an old building. There are no plans to expand the primate center. In fact, we are reducing the number of monkeys we have here by sharing them with other primate centers in the system.

I think W. Week article will explain this further next week.

Ah, monkey business.

What seems ironic to me is OHSU accusing Rossell of misleading people and improperly influencing the press, when the medical research community is continually engaged in this kind of behavior. Stories about animal research continually are buried and animal advocates smeared. For years and years I have seen this: "humane actors" insisting it is not legal for research interests to seize shelter animals because animal dealers cannot, when the research interests themselves are clearly exempt from the statute regulating dealers. Research interests have been the biggest weasels when it comes to misleading the public. I have argued for years that the pet owning public has a right to know, but some scientists and doctors seem to believe their rights are superior, As for,Rossell, I met him and found him to be a bright and honorable man.


OHSU is going after the fed money to build a new building in order to divert millions from that new building funding and into their fiscal mess.

It would be quite a cooincidence that soon after getting that fed funding OHSU finds $3 million laying around to repay the city for defaulting on the SoWa parking deal. That deal paid OHSU $3 million in 2005 and called for OHSU to build a building and provide the city with 100 parking spaces in SoWa.
That $3 million paid to OHSU during Tram “negotiations” came from SoWa borrowed urban renewal money which was meant for street improvements. Once gone the street money was replaced with general fund PDOT money.
GENERAL FUND PDOT money that could have been spent on any street need city wide.

So in effect general fund PDOT money was used to pay OHSU for Tram cooperation.

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