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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Maggot in the Apple

We're quite impressed with our iPhones, but not with this.

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I can't decide which is worse: Apple applying the requirement that connecting devices have an Apple ID, or Palm palming itself off as an Apple device to connect to iTunes.

Except that there is no such requirement. A device manufacturer can write a plug-in for iTunes to transfer MP3 files just fine. Such plug-ins exist for MP3 players as ancient as the Rio 600 (circa 2001).

Palm just wants to do it the easy way, and have a built-in scapegoat when it breaks. It's a hack, and they shouldn't be marketing their device based on a hack, much less calling foul when their hack breaks due to Apple fixing a "security flaw" that they are likely under obligation to fix due to content licensing terms from the RIAA.

Why should Palm get to connect to iTunes if Apple doesn't want them to? Apple has designed a fantastic program and given it away for free. The development costs are financed as an extra incentive for people to buy iPhones/iPods. Suck it up Palm and work with Apple gives you. If Palm doesn't like it, they can write their own music program.

Are you implying that the Palm hack gets around content licensing? iTunes itself is not content.

Shouldn't the government be going after Apple with an antitrust suit about now? If this was happening to Microsoft, they would be.

I think any mp3 player should be allowed to access any software. If Apple doesnt want anyone to sync to their software, then dont give it away for free. Maybe they should kill the Windows port of iTunes. If you have to use Apple hardware, go all the way.

I know the old license agreement that came with the iPod said that it could only be used with "Apple branded hardware", so they threw a couple Apple stickers in the box that Windows users could place it on their computer to comply. Or at least thats how I understood it.

Hell, if iTunes could sync to my Zune media player, I would use it. It is much better than the software that works with the Zune.

The Itunes issue aside, I LOVE my new Palm Pre. The Pre's ability to have multiple applications open at a time is logical and slick. With or without ITunes, I still bought it and have no regrets. You should check 'em out, IPhone users.

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