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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Laying himself off

Just as Bob Gerding is laid to rest, another architect of the disastrous SoWhat district in Portland will be stepping down from his job. Steve Stadum, one of the masters of malarkey up on Pill Hill, is packing it in. "Now is the time that OHSU’s mission leaders – in health care, education and research – will be most impactful with scaling and structuring programs optimally." Stadum was "impactful," all right, helping Neil Goldschmidt and Peter Kohler nearly bankrupt both OHSU and the City of Portland. The Network has its own safety net, however. Look for Stadum to show up in a Metro, Tri-Met, or Port of Portland gig before too long.

Comments (3)

Bojack , please don't sully the term 'architect' in describing a developer.... same with all you all who call someone a 'software architect' , they can't pick up a hammer....

You're correct Jack, there will probably be a new $135K deputy director of something position created for him at one of the aforementioned agencies.

I'm sad to see anyone meet their maker, but for too many, it may be an unhappy homecoming, and others, it may be too late in coming.

Another of the many proteges of Neil Goldschmidt has met his demise. Fear not.

As with Neil getting squashed for his "affair" with a 15 year old girl, those of this ilk is like stepping on a pregnant cockroach and all one gets is the satisfaction of hearing the splat.

But the horrible realization hits you that all of its offspring will soon be crawling around every nook and cranny of State, City and County government, then mating with the public sector cockroaches. And the sole of your shoe hasn't even a chance to dry.

And they will soon come looking for the one who dropped a house on their sister.

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