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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lawn signs for Little Lord Paulson

We just got a breathless e-mail message from the Oregon Sports Authority that it's launching an all-out campaign to get the City of Beaverton to build a new stadium for the Paulson family's minor league baseball team:

In the coming weeks, campaign representatives will be meeting with businesses and civic groups, and will have an active presence at a variety of community events. The campaign will also be distributing lawn signs, window decals and buttons, which are available for pick-up at the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation Athletic Center, Play It Again Sports and the Washington County Visitors Association.

"I'm delighted to have the support of the Oregon Sports Authority in bringing the Beavers to Beaverton," said Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle. "A multipurpose venue for dozens of community events that would also be home to Triple-A baseball in Oregon has the potential to be a home run for our community and our region."

Several area businesses and organizations have already expressed support for bringing the Beavers to Beaverton, including the Westside Economic Alliance, Vernier Software & Technology, Providence Health & Services and the Raccoon Lodge....

"What an opportunity for Beaverton and Oregon," said Ryan Deckert, president of the Oregon Business Association. "I grew up in Beaverton and this is our moment to help ensure Oregon remains a major league place to live, work and play!"

Wow. Just wow.

Here are the signs they've got. A little bland, don't you think? We should have a contest: Design a better lawn sign for this campaign. And some slogans -- they definitely need some catchy slogans. As a Portland taxpayer, I'd be greatly relieved to see some other municipality (one to whom I do not pay taxes) hop in the sack with the Paulson family. Let's pitch in and do our part to get that done.

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How about, "The Beavers: We Don't Use Steroids and It Shows!"


I'm for giving them a wide-open shot at the Beavers.

I think we should give a dam.

I'm surprised the sign doesn't say anything about lining the pockets of the Paulson family.

Even better, if the Timbers move to...anyplace but here.

Isn't the Oregon Sports Authoriity one of those semi-government agencies that does next to nothing. And why should anyone care what they say?

The Racoon Lodge???...
"We wash our hands of everything"..."Mask the truth; we support the Paulson empire"...

BTW... up in Canada, "beaver fever" is the name for what happens to the digestive system when you drink contaminated water

"What an opportunity for Beaverton and Oregon," said Ryan Deckert

This is the same guy that shoved thru the MLB string-smoke-mirrors financing proposal when he was in Salem.

These guys really don't have a clue about a great opportunity means real jobs, affordable services and good schools.

MLB was an actual opportunity at something world class. This is just moving a minor league baseball team to accommodate minor league soccer.

The need for a "campaign" is questionable. If I've got this right, there are five people on the Beaverton City Council, and Paulson needs three votes. All he needs to do is (a) find a site that won't require condemnation, and (b) put together a deal favorable enough to the taxpayers that it will draw the three votes.

But he and his genius advisors think that if they get enough lawn signs up in the pawns' front yards, and name-brand bobbleheads singing his praises, he'll get a deal that's sweet for him, and take over some land where nobody wants him.

Given how klutzy these guys are, it could wind up Lents Redux, in which case the Beavers move to Arizona. It wouldn't bother our household. We used to go to the Bevos once a year, but after seeing LLP and his dad operate, I wouldn't give them a nickel of my money for any reason.

Considering that Paulson finds anyplace that shows interest in building him a stadium, "A perfect fit!" perhaps he should consider Arlington or Hanford. Their only claims to fame at the moment are, respectively, as a garbage dump and a repository for nuclear waste. They could use some bigtime rebranding and he might pick up the Roundup crowd in the off season.

I have been anti-Oregon Sports Authority since they worked to ban Sports Action from the Oregon Lottery.

"Beavers Baseball in Beaverton -- It's Underwhelming!"


"Paulsons Play the Field -- They're Pre-Eminent!"

And I now have a list of businesses that I won't be bothering to drop any dollars on - aside from Comcast, and their days are getting numbered, given I have real choices.

It's time for another plug for Beaverton Foods - a business you'll never see make this list!

How about: "If It Rains At Least You'll See How the Tarp Money Was Used"?

"A multipurpose venue for dozens of community events that would also be home to Triple-A baseball in Oregon has the potential to be a home run for our community and our region."

Yeah sure Denny,

And your enthusiasm has you putting how much of your own money on that fantasy?

Considering that Paulson finds anyplace that shows interest in building him a stadium, "A perfect fit!" perhaps he should consider Arlington or Hanford.

Not at Hanford...that would displace the Tri-City Dust Devils:


"Drink Paulson's lemonade at the ballpark and catch that Beaver fever!"

One of the more stupid ideas is that having light rail there is some big plus.
That's just too much BS.
Cascade Station had MAX and now it's a auto oriented BIG BOX strip mall.

The Convention Center/Rose Quarter has three MAX lines and every other planner's avantage yet still can't get the spurring of private development to finish the job or pay for a Hotel without ANOTHER massive subsisdy.

SoWa- ha ha ha

Interstate is a MAX infrastructure cluster putts without anything arriving that isn't heavily subsidized.

Gateway is a rat race.

Yet Metro's Dave Bragdon says all the planning has been a tremendous success.


Beaverton? Gee I wonder what will happen?


Light rail pulls up. No one gets off.

You stand and wait -- for a door to swing open, a car to pull up, a person to walk by, anything at all. And you wait.

Of course, it is hot out. How about a late lunch at Mingo, the local arm of the longtime dining institution in Northwest Portland?

Nope. It stopped serving lunch earlier this year. And why wouldn't it? Who would they serve, day in and day out?

Need a loft? Space for your restaurant or shop? From the 24 Hour Fitness building to the Coldwell Banker tower and the Promenade Building, space is available. Plenty of it.

So, pardon Beaverton residents if they laugh in your face when you mention the possibility of the Portland Beavers moving to town.

They can't help themselves. From the long-flailing Round project to the city's high-profile loss of face and taxpayer dollars in mishandled efforts to annex Nike, they've heard all this before.

The can't-miss project.

The anchor we've always needed.

All at virtually no additional cost to taxpayers.

Wander around the city, and you find people cautious in even offering an opinion about bringing minor league baseball to Beaverton. "The problem is," said Sally Craig, looking up from her lunchtime book in the city's leafy Griffith Park, "everyone wants to know how much it's going to cost taxpayers over the long haul, and no one's confident they'll ever be told the truth, or that anyone even knows."

I swear, watching idiot mayors vying for the privilege of getting screwed by the Paulsons is like watching Ted Bundy's groupies two decades ago. "I don't care what everyone else says. I can change him!"

The Beaverton Beavers: Wide Open For Business

First the Round, Now the Beaver! Just What a Bunch of Boobs Need!

Oh, fine, let's just go for it.

Bring the Beavs to Beaverton: No Need to Get F'ed in the Behind Anymore

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