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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hold you in his armchair

Portland's latest public-private partner is truly an impressive fellow. But remember, he's got a great deal for us locals. A wonderful opportunity.

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Ethics waivers issued on "Constitution Day" -- how sadly appropriate somehow . . .

I don't want to sit in his armchair or feel his disease or have anything else to do with any Paulsons, please, koo-koo-ca-choo.

Ethics???? Lord Paulson does not know the meaning of the word!
He and his spawn are vile.

Yeah, Paulson and others have been double dealing and lying to the public about their associations and activities. So what are going to do about it? They know they’ve always gotten away it and they plan to get away with it this time.

This passes the Kroger test. All parties involved have assured us that there was nothing wrong, so why pursue it? That would be impolite.

You know, this article is half the story. Now hook it up with the other half where Henry Paulson lobbied for and got the rules changed which helped create the derivatives nightmare.

Can't somebody look into this besides Matt Taibbi? I'd love to investigate who was behind the bank run on 9/11 2008 that kicked this into motion. It is certainly possible that the Wall Street executives engineered the run to take advantage of Paulson's last 6 weeks before the next presidential election. Create the crisis. Benefit from the crisis. People, it was on SEPTEMBER 11th for Christ sake! That's got to be a clue.

Oh well. That was my Mike Malloy impression in print. I think every American should read up on these boring, wretched details. It's essential that we don't let the suits run us into the ground with the sheer magnitude of their hideous and dull financial moves. God, what a group of creeps.

So definitely find out how Paulson acted during the crisis, but also look back and see his role in CAUSING it. That's right....millions of people out of work, out of their homes, out of their retirement plans because Henry Paulson helped turn Goldman Sachs and Wall Street into a giant casino. And we had to bail them out for their mistake, and guess what? It appears they've continued to rip us off even as we helped them.

And now, this same family is asking us to kick in a couple of dollars an hour in wages so their workers at PGE Park can survive. Trillions of dollars in debt for ordinary Americans, and the Paulsons won't even pay their own people. It is Un-fricking believable.

And if you dare to protest, you are treated by the powers that be in Oregon as impolite whiners who don't understand the joy of doing business with the Paulson family.


Dear Bill,
The suits have! taken over. Bill Mahar is right...smart president;stupid nation and that is the way "they" want it.
I am afraid 'we' may be too late, and the "Handmaid's Tale" is already here.
sigh and sigh...

I find the Paulson's conflict of interest scenario much like our local conflict of interests.

For example: several of our PDC Urban Renewal areas run by "stakeholders" on URAC committees lobbying, voting to to give their own enterprises TIF (taxpayer dollars). Since it is hard from here to attack the national conflict of interest issues, we can at least straighten out our own house.

There are many of our regional committees run by "stakeholders" that are having direct, absolute benefit from their votes-just like the Paulsons. But then, who else will sit on these endless committees, when you eventually will be rewarded?

One thing that just hit me: Henry Paulson was front and center in your next story from 35 years ago as an aide to John Erhlichman.
Imagine the type of person who would be hired by the inner scoundrels of the Nixon administration. Ahh, the memories.

Another was Donald Rumsfeld who would later go on to bring Dick Cheney into the executive branch. Just an abundance of good moral humanity at every turn.

Actually those times seem quaint now. Henry Paulson's boss Ehrlichman was rewarded for his splendid work in the White House with a trip to prison.

Of course, that was back when we were still a nation of laws. Henry doesn't have to sweat that sort of thing now. None of them do. Interesting though that he asked for complete power with TARP - with no oversight by any court. Richard Nixon would have been so proud.

Whatever THIS is...

A few minutes later, in an e-mail message to Mr. Paulson, Bernard J. Knight Jr., assistant general counsel at the Treasury, outlined the agency’s rationale for granting the waiver.

“I have determined that the magnitude of the government’s interest in your participation in matters that might affect or involve Goldman Sachs clearly outweighs the concern that your participation may cause a reasonable person to question the integrity of the government’s programs and operations,” Mr. Knight wrote.

...it's certainly NOT ethics. What a bunch of brazen looters. "Too big to care."

Thanks again, Jack. Bill McDonald scored some more bulls-eyes today, too. Thanks, Bill.

The way the Bush crew was going, be glad that Charles Manson wasn't a Republican back in the Sixties. Otherwise, he'd probably have been hired to run the Department of Health and Human Services.

Notice that Morgenson & Van Natta, Jr, make no mention of the theft of WaMu last Sept 25th from the NW for Wall St Nation, although they do note that GS fraternity member Henry Merritt Paulson, Jr, called JPM's Jamie Dimon four(4) times. Here's an early suggestion of what has yet to be fully revealed:

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